Little Kid Crushed Me At Chess In 43 Seconds

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  1. Impressive play by the youngster I was just awed he wasn’t blundering any pieces he played a nice game I think Levy wanted to see what the youngster was capable of as well just for fun

  2. Im a total fan. even more so because of this video. Humility is the best teacher. I love the breakdown of the game and the way you give props to this young man. It would be great to be able to follow that young man's chess journey. Thanks for posting.

  3. Please tell me how to share a game with you please

  4. If that kid truly has 1000 elo, I guess my rating should be 100.

  5. Rule 1 of chess: there is always someone half your age that's twice as good as you

  6. Kid’s DQ for knocking all those pieces over sheesh

  7. That kid is a LEGEND! Send him some free stuff. 👏

  8. This is one of your best videos ever, Gotham! Kudos to the kid, he'd shred most of us into pieces…

  9. well, ironically, you got great youtube content.

  10. Kid just realised, well I am winning I can not destroy his psyche otherwise I can not watch his stupid boring vids. I let him a draw. This kid is terrifying for reals.

  11. The young lion was just playing with his food! 🦁

  12. Kid admires you … a lot. Otherwise, how did he managed to validate so many of your videos are “unfunny”. Unless he gets a thrill from watching “not funny” videos.

  13. He has a great future in this game , I swear ❤💀

  14. Knight g2 would have keepen levy alive in that game

  15. Ther's no frikin way. I actually recognise him now. I watched this video for like 11 times and now I finally got it.
    You wanna know why he didnt even get a little scared by you even though ur an IM? Because he played chess against the legendary Karpov when he was frikin 3.
    He is the Mikhail Osipov u stupid

  16. He's not the villan. He's the hero who showed mercy.

  17. Some 34 years ago got a draw from a 6 year old little boy with blonde hair in quick 30 min game, he was writing his moves like a pro, his name was Luke McShane…

  18. I don’t know..these kids have more lessons and experience than the average adult and these days I expect to lose to them.

  19. This must have been what Kasparov thought after meeting Carlson the first time 😆

  20. Levy can you teach me to get better at chess?

  21. Wait this is the best Video ever!. What a legend

  22. honestly gotham you have really helped me out in my journy in the past i was really bad but now im one of the top players in my country and some even call me the future! so i just wanted to say thank you for helping me out the london on top

  23. You weren't beating kids, but kids were 😂

  24. Am in love with this video. Thanx Gotham, you're the GOAT. BTW, he's only 1000 😂😂. imagine he was lying 😂!!!!

  25. You should've asked him about his name, man !!

  26. I'm 1300 in che$$cam 10min. 1100 in 3min. He plays a bit like me in speed chess. Although I don't use that opening. Basically speed and safety. Don't think too much. Just make moves to keep pieces safe. If opponent is aggressive mainly neutralize. Just keep a nice lead on the clock.

  27. I love the theory that the kid deliberately drew from a winning position just so it would play on your mind for the rest of your life. Maybe you'll meet him again in the future in a tournament… and he'll do it again

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