LIVE Chess Rating Climb to 1875 – Speedrun

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  1. I feel horrible and i dont feel like im a troll. Ima just keep it real and be honest: i only enjoy watching you lose to lower rated players. Either way thanks for the content

  2. Got a physics II exam this morning and here I am watching chess vibes

  3. Never thought I’d see “where are the calf muscles?” on Chess Vibes.

  4. These were some excellent games. Thanks are due to your opponents for playing interesting chess as well, it should be said. Great episode.

  5. Wow, that was a tricky puzzle. You needed to put the knight on f5 to control g7, so that you could move your king without letting the black king get to the pawn and lose a tempo. And if the black king doesn't go back to the corner, your king chases the knight away and you get a queen. I did not see any of that until you showed us the solution.

  6. That first game was probably the best so far in the series. Fair play as well to Ahmed for not resigning and playing on.

  7. I checked the tablebase for the knights puzzle to see what I was missing. But I found a shocking discovery.

    It turns out that 43:40 is actually winning! I don't know why it's winning, it just seems like a KBN v KN situation where the side without the bishop is close enough to the correct color corner that white can force a checkmate.

    It's crazy how hidden this is that not I, or Nelson, or even stockfish saw it!

  8. i dont care who you are…. the first game was the coolest checkmate in the world. prove me wrong

  9. 2:58 he missed a tactic with dxe6 because if the black pawn on d4 takes the knight our pawn on e6 takes the pawn on f7 check the king cant take because then the queen will be gone so king up and boom! pawn takes g8 (the black knight is on g8) and we promote to a knight! check!!! rook take and bishop skewers the king and queen (I think I'm better than him 'v')

  10. Petition to call the cool checkmate “Lopez Mate” because Nelson is cool

  11. your videos have helped me gain a lot of elo ( been around 1600 for years, now in the 1800s )

    I'm in a strange place rn, my elo is 1838, peaking at 1845 today, yet the highest rated player i've ever beaten is 1850.
    Anyone else get this?

    During my years at 1600, i collected one scalp at 1830 elo, and a small few in the 1700s.

  12. Seems like these games in the 1800s are easier to win than lower rated games

  13. Chess vibes pls make a video on the too knight checkmate even tho it’s not possible but it is is long as the opponent has a pawn so it’s actually possible

  14. Work hours picking up so not been making the streams, got a membership from one of the first 😅, it’s almost over or over already tho 👀

  15. Most calm and easy to watch chess tutor on UT ❤

  16. 47:43 tablebases says f7 and mate in 23
    f7 Nf6
    Kxg6 Nd7
    Kh6 Nf8
    Ng5 or Nf3 (both mate in 20) and so on

  17. 14:40 I really wished you premoved all of that. That would be so sick

  18. You are very underrated sir! Btw I am rating 700, how can I improve? I am usually bad at openings or pawn attacks

  19. Ooooh i should have a little icon next to my name now!

  20. The checkmate in the first game was a work of art!

  21. 1:05:00 what would have been wrong with R-G6? and then G2 immediately after with your rook "attacking the queen"? His rook cannot use G3 coz you'll just take it with the pawn, and the other cannot use G1 after that since it is covered by the bishop. Unless he sacks his queen somehow 🙂 He was right to resign.

  22. I love your games. You are an amazing resource. Thank you so much for doing these. You are currently my second favorite chess watch behind Danya.

    When this is over, I think me and everyone else would like to see more of the same. For improving players like myself, I think the most instructive thing I’ve ever seen is Danya’s speed runs playing fundamental chess. It would be an amazing to watch you do the same. Us non title players can never get enough reinforcements on fundamentals.

    But if a different motif would be more fun, by all means share that with us if you would be so kind. Until then, nothing brightens my day quite like seeing you’ve got a new rating climb video out!!

  23. Is the live video always happen at the same time on Friday? Unfortunately due to time difference I’m still at work 😅

  24. Hysterical checkmate with king on the wrong side of the board.

  25. Is this video, like the previous one, about 'Barack' or chess?

  26. I’ve watching this speed run from the beginning, and I’m learning a lot! Great content as always!

    Also thanks for the gifted subscription 🙏🏻

  27. Great series so far Nelson, keep it up! Would love to see a Colle at some point, I've had a bit of success with it but not too sure what to do when an opponent sits back.

  28. I like saying, when you have mate in one, find a better move. Love to watch your games.

  29. Try some bicycle hill climbing for those calf muscles.

  30. I love these streams, my only minor criticism is that it would be nice to sometimes see what the chat are saying when Nelson is replying — maybe not all the time?

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