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  1. I remember in the games vs Alpha Zero, the neural net really liked to basically trap Stockfish's pieces

  2. ‘something has just happened but i’m not going to tell you what it is’
    black moves its bishop

  3. I was watching closely the whole time and figured it out! It was Magnus "Stockfish" Carlsen vs. Hikaru "Lela" Nakamura the whole time!

  4. 18:53 — I don't understand how it's GAME OVER just yet… Tho Black's position is seemingly favorable, there do not appear to be ANY imminent threats ??
    Some trades can be made, after which material will be EQUAL, but NOT obviously favorable for Black… ??
    Also, I don't get how Stockfish's f4 move is a *"counterattack"*, Gotham's words… when it removes a defender of the attacked g-pawn? O_o

  5. What engine does FIDE use to assess the accuracy of players playing OTB?

  6. Levy: Stockfish is the ultimate chess bot.
    Lc0: Checkmate motherfu…

  7. Leela gains a lil bit of sentience everytime it trolls stockfish 💀

  8. Me about to click off the video Levy: Directly calls me out

  9. Day one of asking Levy to autograph his book that I preordered.

  10. 1000 ways to die is 3 minutes episodes and its so funny

  11. Has Levy done a video about playing against super aggressive newer players? Like under 1100? I'm learning theory, but I am regularly demolished by people in the 700 range who play the most aggressive move available. I haven't found a good video on that specific subject. I know I'm low level, but I can't be the only one with this issue.

  12. This stare is so robust and sincere and is definitely a mix-up from what you usually do. 11/10 for originality

  13. I'm like halfway through the video and following along with my own computer running Lc0 and Stockfish.
    What are the time controls for this game? I'm seeing stockfish doing different things even when I let it run to 50+ moves depth.

  14. Levy: What good TV Show is 5 minutes long?
    Me: Peppa Pig

  15. Yesterday Magnus didn't see mate in 5, today Stockfish didn't see a major positional disadvantage in 40 more moves.

  16. I wish the best for Levy, I want to see him becoming a Grandmaster <3

  17. These computers are 3700 elo and still getting smoked 😢 ??? How ???

  18. that get out of here hurts me like hell 🙃

  19. @GothamChess Where is that Link for bishop video ⁉️

  20. i like how levi made stockfishes flag Norway 😂 becase its magnus carlsons flag! he is THE stockfish!

  21. Whenever stockfish is featured in a video I can’t help but always think about how the eval bar is just stockfish telling us that stockfish is winning because stockfish thinks that stockfish made all the best moves because stockfish is in fact stockfish.

  22. Levy trying to explain 3600+ computer moves to a million 1500’s 😂.

  23. How about Alphazero, is stockfish better than alphazero?

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