Magnus Carlsen: 3850 Elo

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  1. Two players play the same game at a lower rating say two 1000 rated players you do not get the same estimated Elo rating on the game of 3850 y? because that's not how it works. don't believe me try it. now say it says your estimated Elo is 619 points higher then u are is not to impressive .

  2. Best feeling – playing great and winning a tournament!

  3. i found that last move and im 300 elo but thought instead queen c5 ahha i thought i was a genius

  4. "Maybe you beat one of your collegues' or co-workers in real life."

    Nervous breathing intensifies.

  5. So grateful I can see the best chess player of all time in my own lifetime

  6. Gotham's hair looks like Hikaru's arrows.

  7. Can someone tell me, why Queen F8 isn‘t checkmate on the final screen?

  8. @GothamChess Can you answer you egoisitic bonzo. if black had played queen to d8 in the position at 15:05, then what would white play?

    white moving the pawn to d7 is pointless because black would capture it resulting in it being idiotic to move white rook to e8.

  9. I thought of Qf3 right away… but I suck so ik I just got some nice RNG lol

  10. Presenting same games in insane way is much needed for people to watch 😂😂

  11. The best feeling in chess is stalemating your opponent

  12. Being #2 is pretty good

    Like Gotham to Hikaru


  13. Magnus casually turns into the better stockfish

  14. at 11.19 seconds, why did black not take rook a2, with bishop, after that carlsen would take night a5 with bishop d2. (threatning the quuen) after bishop threatens queen, he can just move to e8 with the queen, and he would still be defending rook a8. can someone explain what i dont understand?

  15. glad to see, humans can still outtake robots

  16. someone explain to me why magnus would still be unable to beat stockfish then? like if he can confuse it why would it be impossible to beat it?

  17. Outperforming the engine is one way to remain credible

  18. 11:24 black takes the rook and he wins, that stupid thing worked cuz panda played bad

  19. Magnus is history's best player. Your commentry on top notch!

  20. 13:06 yea because stockfish thought panda would play good, he dind't so the stupid plan worked

  21. “Happens to the best of us” -Magnus Carlson

  22. Only Bobby Fischer made the game of CHESS a worldwide interests by millions of people.

  23. 15:28 bro that not ả disgusting move by magus , because bishop d8 stops everything

  24. I had a 2050 performance game with 95.4 accuracy?

  25. The fact that he played better than stockfish in a bullet game is nuts

  26. See how realistic that 3850 is playing blitz against Stockfish.

    Magnus will never ever win a game and these days with the engine strength might never even draw a game in blitz.

  27. Hi there i have a doubt regarding how stockfish operates sorry my English isn't very good but I'll try my best to explain my doubt so please bear with me now let me elaborate , so at around 8:46 levy says taking with knight is the worst of the three but magnus still plays it and later plays a move which although not a lot of time but stills considering it calculates endgame right from the first move stockfish did take time to analyse what magnus played after knight takes rook , so here is my doubt as it was the worst move did it not even consider moves made after this move because it was the worst move and it looks for the best possible moves all the time if anyone does know why please let me know thank you and have a great rest of your day.

  28. of the last 10 years…..stop joking yourself

  29. What!!?? It's not a Panda playing. F#&K!!

  30. For us it was a shocking moment, for Magnus it was Thursday

  31. *magnus casually playing game while talking to chat*Levy: CRITICAL ANALYSIS!!!

  32. Levy do three does not equal three for the YouTube short

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