Magnus Carlsen: 3850 Elo

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  1. When a player beats Stockfish, you can be 100% sure that he/she is not cheating.

  2. the fact that he just finds these counters in 2 min is just sickening

  3. Imagine playing with a 3850 ELO. Now imagine doing it in a 3 minute match. This guy is not a human being.

  4. For someone reason I got super proud of myself seeing that D6 pawn move 😅

  5. It's almost too good to be true isn't it? 3850 rating in a three minute game? Maybe it was preparation?

  6. The most mind-blowing to me is that this was a 3-minutes game !!

  7. Maybe you could just say every other word and talk less.

  8. Surely one of your best video my good sir! You also are a 3850 Genius YouTuber.
    You make this very very interesting and intriging. Also sweet manners and brillant calls.
    All Hail !

  9. At 15:38, why is that bad for black ? I dont see how further pressure can be brought upon black's rook

  10. The number 2 player in China with a population over 1.4Billion people (1,400,000,000) lost to Magnus by a 1000 elo difference. My brain can't even process that properly.

  11. Please make a king's Indian opening and play games

  12. Simply put, a chess game as if it were made for Magnus' talent.

  13. I ALWAYS thought stockfish isn't justifiable enough. There's too many variations in chess for a computer engine to be justified. You say if stockfish runs longer it finds more indepth better moves (if i ain't wrong), but can't it be running forever and ever haha

  14. I present to you a new name for Magnus: MAGFISH

  15. His ability to transition into the definitive best end game no matter how many previous inaccuracies he’s had is nothing short of unreal. It feels like if all else fails he’ll simply force a draw.

  16. This is a 6 minute game and this dude made a 17 min video about it…. Like nobody cares what u think should be done just show the game and commentate on it

  17. If I play with 100% accuracy, do I considered to play with the elo of stockfish, since I managed to find all the best moves stockfish could?

  18. No brilliant moves. They were so pro that they started noob gaming.

  19. Hrs 3850 elo. Me struggling to 1400 elo

  20. Magnus would not win a single game against Stockfish in a classical game. He can't calculate deeper than the engines. But he has the better neural network for blitz.

  21. I just see Magnus playing this when he wakes up one morning feeling tired and then going back to sleep

  22. Anyone else find the tone-changing board hella distracting? Or am i just ADHDing out?

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