Highest Rated Chess Players in World History


  1. Honourable Mention – Alireza Firouzja [2804]. The youngest player to reach 2800 in history at 18 years of age.
    Also only 14 Players in history have achieved the 2800 rating as of now.

  2. This is classical rating,,, Hikaru is 2909 in blitz

  3. Ian nepo has a higher rating then Ding. Or at least I thought

  4. Niemman gonna be the first person to reach world champ

  5. Unfortunately no Bobby Fischer or Tal but still great players

  6. Rating is inflationary, it continuously increases because of the training on past resolved moves. And now also on the huge rating – computer coaching.
    Computers solve even more moves ans show them to players wven if not played before by humans.
    So the rating for comparison of eras is useless.

  7. Never thought that chess fans would fight over who is the best bcz they got brain 🧠 but still i see comment section full of quarrels

  8. The next generation of humans would be assisted by Artificial intelligence during their preparation and Elo 3500 will be achieved by the top 10 players within the next 100 years. This is why we should never compare players from different generations because the tools and technology they use during preparations are completely different.

  9. Ah yes Magnus tal, the best chess attacker

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