Highest Rated Chess Players in World History


  1. TF ??
    Totally CAP
    the below order is messed up too much

  2. Magnus Carlsen:Gets into the high 2800s
    Meanwhile me:struggles to get back to 500

  3. My boy Wesley🔥. That's the filipino pride at his heart even though he's in USA now🥲.

  4. Is 2118 hard to get passed like imma 2367 but it only goes up by 3 nows

  5. For me tal would be the greatest of all time

  6. I thought Garry was the guy from the Sigma edits for a hot minute there had to rewatch xD

  7. Great chess players and legends.
    My generation remembers Alexander Grischuk as one of the eilte super grandmasters to cross 2800 elo with a peak of 2810 in 2014

  8. I love how the super gm chilling against each other knowing if any of them win they will only get 1 rating at a time and ofc they will only meet other super gm like bro the rating is some damn beast rating

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