Magnus Carlsen: “I haven’t been feeling well these days due to food poisoning.”



  1. It's so tiring for all the players after 23 days of intense play

  2. Common sense moves of GOAT are amazing and extremely accurate the engine never showed any issues with his over the board decisions.
    Even not being 100% well this guy can play extremely well. GOAT for a reason.
    Hope that food poisoning gets better and he comes back full of engery tomorrow.

  3. Damn, he sounds so bad and still drew against the ferocious Pragg. I hope he recovers by tomorrow so he can give his best and maybe win the world cup title. Best of luck and may you have a speedy recovery!

  4. And that's how Chessbase India managed to get shortest game of Carlsen

  5. Magnus has praised pragg after he beat hikaru. Moreover he looks really sick in the video. Magnus is the best player right now. Despite being sick he played near perfect game. This is for people who don't understand chess and are saying he is making excuses. As an Indian I am supporting pragg as well but that doesn't mean we should criticize magnus for no reason

  6. Why is he telling, that he feels bad?
    Good chsnce for Pragg to make it as complicated as possible

  7. Common sense moves??
    Yeah my ex was right, I don't have any common sense

  8. Why food poisoning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!maybe pragg might have added something

  9. Magnus haters are going to cry when he wins .

  10. So this is interesting, I remember Grandelius in an earlier interview in this world cup also said he had food poisoning back in 2016 at the chess olympiad in Baku. This feels odd, to say the least. Maybe the organizing hotel should review their food hygiene.

  11. Pragg used the food poisoning defense to weaken magnus' position

  12. "play common sense moves" – guy played a nearly perfect game lmao

  13. Comment section needs to grow up with the "magnus making excuses"

    Just pause for a moment and look at him.

    He looks sick. He is sick. Give him a break.

  14. So he basically freestyled his way to a draw which is not bad with black being down. Hopefully he's energetic tmr

  15. He is making excuses just in case he loses to Pragg 😂

  16. Excuses started from today…so Mongoose can justify his loss tomorrow

  17. World number 1- Magnus
    World number 2- Magnus with a tummy ache

  18. I think he is also not happy to lossing pragg… He wants pragg win 🎉😊😊😊

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