They Added 20 NEW PIECES To Chess! – Ouroboros King

Ouroboros King Part 5 – Ouroboros King is back! It’s a chess roguelike with dozens of new pieces and the ability to upgrade some of them. Now with a ton of new complicated pieces, the game is a lot harder. Starting with the first boss fight, this game becomes a real challenge now. Enjoy!
Edited by: Dan White

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  1. Edea s an actual fairy piece (chess variant piece) called the amazon

  2. imagen the blade dancer gets the rlic of able to go to ajsent suers will be un killeble

  3. 8:13 the immortal doesn't trap you here, black would either block with the immortal, or move the king, if the immortal does what we see here the royal guard just takes the king.

  4. Make a another video fighting all the bosses

  5. fyi try killling the king first and you instantly win it all depends on the sit

  6. Maybe a buffed musketeer that moves like a knight templar

  7. use the fire chick and use the fire chick only the game never ends and it is op

  8. How do u get these pieces I don't have it while i am playing?

  9. The nuke piece:literally destroys the entire board when activated

  10. You could’ve killed Andramada😂 the hole time😂😂😂 with agent *😂😂😂😂😂😂

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