Magnus Carlsen Invented A New Chess Opening

Magnus Carlsen Invented A New Chess Opening – The Plough! Magnus Carlsen repeatedly played pawn to h4, which I’m calling the plough, in Titled Tuesday Chess, 7th November, late tournament on Alireza Firouzja was his opponent in this epic game of chess.

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  1. 4:12 How is that a brilliant move? It’s the correct move but it’s also the move 99% of players would play. That was the entire purpose of moving the queen. To free up that square for his knight.

  2. Why wouldn’t he play d5! There is no way that Magnus is a better chess player than Fischer. Bobby definitely would have pushed d5.

  3. So like, you imply he has calculated the checkmates before he commits on the king side, but thats clearly not the case. He just has an idea that "it works", right?

  4. What a great opening. The plow! With the rook immediately activated!

    Rook proceeds to not move at all until castle…😂

  5. He has perfected the “sore loser” strategy,
    If he ever loses he throws all the pieces out of his pram and cries “cheater! He has a watch!!! Check his butt”
    Works every time.

  6. shame he only got a draw out of that after suddenly losing momentum

  7. Thank you so much for not yelling. Gotham chess likes to scream the pieces, and your approach is more suttle.

  8. Video: "Magnus Carlsen Invented A New Chess Opening"
    Also Video: shows the Desprez opening.

  9. There is no Cow opening. It was plagiarized move by move from 2002 book The Defense Game by Pafu. The fact that no one realized it as of yet is beyond me.

  10. Kindergarten chess play…
    I dont understand why promote those players as pros

  11. Did he really? Or are all of you just unaware of the work of Jean Pierre LeRue from the early 1700s?

    I made that up… the point is, this game has been being played longer than any of your family names go back. Pretty sure No One can invent anything new in this game, its just old tech being rediscovered…. but sure, everybody wants to be special in their time.

  12. This video is clickbait.. he said at the very beginning, "he moves his pawn then the rook follows and they plow through everybody"
    he moved his rook once… fvck out of here.

  13. Wow this guy is a good chess player. He just join the World Championships, I bet he'd win.

  14. i thought of the plow before him but i just moved the rooks out and aligned them so it was double straight into the enemy king and just ram and if they take my tower i just use my other

  15. Love how you stop and ask what we would do. I’m not a chess player but I chose the same things which made me feel a little smart (or lucky 😊).

  16. That is actually the opening that every children who starts learning chess for the first time plays.

  17. I like the corner pawn opening, giving me the opportunity of a corner castle or releasing other pieces if needed. Very versitile.

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