Magnus Carlsen Invented A New Chess Opening

Magnus Carlsen Invented A New Chess Opening – The Plough! Magnus Carlsen repeatedly played pawn to h4, which I’m calling the plough, in Titled Tuesday Chess, 7th November, late tournament on Alireza Firouzja was his opponent in this epic game of chess.

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  1. accent is brilliant, makes the commentary enjoyable. Magnus is a God, brilliant thinker

  2. THAT ENDING, THOUGH. lol I won't spoil it because it needs to be seen to be believed. And just as his opponent was literally in the process of being flagged. Wow. Talk about a spanking!

  3. Really poor play from Alireza. He overcomplicated the opening whereas he could have just responded the 1…h4 with d5 and get a very easy draw in the very least.

  4. Happy to see your channel growing!! Awesome videos one after another

  5. If Magnus had offered a draw after brutalizing his opponent with the plow it would have been the most gangster game of chess ever.

  6. “Agreed to a draw” I damn near jumped into the screen to start throwing hands! You got me good!

  7. Sir you get a like and a follow just for that explaination of profilaxis

  8. I wonder how he thought about this kind of attack and literally there was no answer to it by many great players.

    I want to see Magnus Carlsen playing it against Hikaru who is closed to him

  9. "He doesnt find any of them" bro had 10 secs… hahah

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