YANKO – CHESS MOVES #BWC (Official Music Video)

Disclaimer: The lyrical content in this video is fiction and strictly for entertainment purposes only.

YANKO – CHESS MOVES #BWC (Official Music Video)


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  1. Yanko is top 5 in drill without a doubt. The way he blends the gruesome imagery with the punchlines is something else

  2. Cold🥶🥶Yanko’s wordplay is filthy. Deffo needs a mad about bars

  3. I wish the EP had more than 4 songs 🤦‍♂️

  4. drop "hurtings fun" as an official release gang

  5. This guy has a lot to say all of a sudden 😂 can tell the in-house has him pissed man did the vid solo at some sketch looking tunnel 😂

  6. Not even out yet and know its gonna slap

  7. Keep up the consistency man. Yanko is very Underrated, deffo one of the best drillers out there

  8. Yanko x booter bee ft would go fkin nuts🔥🔥🔥

  9. thanks god he showed his face

    i thought he got caged again and asked a friend to do the video for him

  10. Pool cue like 8ßall at the Robawoppaterntenz chinn

  11. dude got a rag on his face, cant afford da balaclava bruv

  12. I don't really listen to Drill but Yanko is the only exception. His beats are so hard and his lyrics are hard.
    "Put blood on my knife and I'm shaking it off like Taylor Swift

  13. Yanko live by the sword and die by the sword it seems

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