Magnus Carlsen is in MUST WIN Situation vs Abdusattorov in FINALS of 2023 Champions Chess Tour


  1. Stares and talking doesn't win fights in chess. Premium moves, strong psychological control, in your face tactics, and confidence win games.

  2. lol, I did not know you had a YouTube channel.

  3. Do you mean to say you are allowed to think while your opponent's clock is running??

  4. Bad editing.
    Two guys staring at the board is not good coverage. Not interesting.
    Do better.

  5. I’m wondering why black moved qxf8 instead of opening the rook with rxb8. This would counter fork and open rook.

  6. Why was the tv direction so bad? They couldn't even pull up an evaluation board half the time

  7. Most of the opening watching 2 guys sitting at a table. Poor coverage

  8. Why the players aren't wearing seat belts? Playing chess this fast can be dangerous.

  9. What? You can't superimpose a view of the board from above so we can view their moves?
    Worthless vid.

  10. Kid adbu staring at king carlsen is the best joke 🤣

  11. meanwhile, Hikaru is licking his wounds after that devastating loss yesterday

  12. Nodirbek´s stares are becoming are bit silly now especially if he's losing like that

  13. retire Magnus, if little pests like hardstuck 2720 Abdusattarovs are becoming a problem hang up the keys, don't be that guy who played too long and got rekt by every teenager

  14. stop hating on abdu his stares are not malicious hes just a kid curious and awkward

  15. Did Magnus cut his hair himself while drunk without using a mirror?

  16. Alirezas shirt must've sucked out his brain power. After he put it on it all wen't downhill. Who wants to buy a loser-shirt from Yucci now?

  17. Me trying to understand what's going on – 🥴

  18. Why do they not broadcast it from the Moon?

  19. How dare that kid stare at the king like that 😂

  20. My favorite part is how they don't show the board so you can't tell what's going on. The idea that someone got paid to make this and pass it off as a chess video is everything wrong with society. With all the channels showcasing how to properly advertise and broadcast chess how could someone be so utterly incompetent?

  21. Wow who produced this show? Half of the footage is a profile shot of the players, and the chess board is nearly unreadable with the glare shining off the pieces. ALWAYS, have the graphic image of the board, up on the screen at all times!! We want to play along without gaps in play. Thanks

  22. Gotta appreciate David Howell! Such a charismatic, great commentator

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