Magnus Carlsen Is Revolutionizing Chess

Magnus Carlsen is Revolutionizing Chess. This is Carlsen’s chess game played in the Titled Tuesday Chess Event against Jan-Krzysztof Duda. Magnus Carlsen pushes pawns everywhere, breaking chess rules and revolutionizing chess as we know it! More epic chess from Magnus Carlsen, the most exciting chess player in the world right now and truly the chess GOAT!

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  1. I can’t get away from Trump gaaaaahh! 🤣🤣

  2. Thanks for your consistency mate, these videos are great. Genuine nourishment for the mind brain.

  3. It's rather Stockfish that is revolutionizing chess

  4. at the 7:39 analysis, Queen could’ve gone to f5 + right away capturing rook first time around without the Qr6 + first

  5. When I was learning chess I was always told “don’t make opening pawn moves, develop your minor pieces” now Magnus just ruins all of that 😂

  6. Really like your presentation style and graphics, Subscribed!

  7. why is every player 1 minute behind in a 3 minute match? You can't beat Magnus with these odds

  8. Wonder why Magnus seems unable to beat Niemann? Any thoughts?

  9. Magnus carlsen going where nobody has ever gone.FIDE is requested to look into his problem in not defending his title in classic chess. If the best player is not playing for championship title then CHESS looses.hope he plays classic also. In blitz scope to blunder is very large and magnus being a GOAT player seldom blunders and his understanding of position is astounding. 3min plus 1sec per move increment is good for viewer but real battle is classic chess so lets hope magnus and FIDE find some common ground for settlements.

  10. Duda' sneaky move of rook make everyone love him for it is not easy to find it out!

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