Mikhail Tal Sacrifices EVERYTHING

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  1. First game, sacrificing the knight ; call it an Ancient Alien gambit , don’t boo spam the brilliant emote !!!!

  2. Please make some videos about capablanca. His chess is so fascinating.

  3. Keep doing historical content dude, you always elevate every game you analyze and it never gets old. Keep it going dude 🤘

  4. Gothamchess, you are my inspiration to play chess. You are my favourite chess streamer❤❤

  5. Levy, keep up with the good content brother, i personally enjoy these types of videos of people we didnt get to watch rather than people we can watch nowadays. And good luck with the hair brother ( I understand its inevitable for me too )

  6. What a great, informative, entertaining video, Maestro!

  7. I love classic players. Modern chess is boring, no risks.

  8. Thank you for showing us games of M.Talj

  9. Tal was so good at calculating he calculated being in this very Gotham video

  10. I just love Tal, man, he is an inspiration. Totally acurrate his nickname, the magician. 🤯

  11. Keep them coming Gotham!! Can you do Carlos Torre? 🙏🏼🙏🏼😁😁

  12. Thanks so much for doing historical videos

  13. Great video. Watched it in three chunks to be able to actually focus and understand the games

  14. "Tal doesn't move the pieces by hand; he uses a magic wand." – Vyacheslav Ragozin

  15. you’re Videos got the craziest thumb nails bro😂

  16. I really love the historical angle of these videos.

  17. In the wise words of a certain GM: There's good, and there's not so good; but this is fr*cknawesome

  18. These historical videos are really interesting

  19. I would like a lot a video about the Yang of Tal. Tigran Petrosian. One of the most underrated World Chess Champions in the history.

  20. Paul Keres deserves one “Unnoficial World Champ”

  21. I'm a very simple person, I see Mikhail tal I click as simple as that.

  22. Tal is not slav. When did Latvia become Slavic country

  23. Omg i rewatched that first Mikhal Tal video a dozen times so glad you’re making another video about him he’s so interesting

  24. make a video on who the original grandmasters were cause I'm pretty sure they gave it to a bunch of people at the time they introduced the title…if im wrong on that never mind but if im right that would be a cool video

  25. I like your jumping mind. Always ended on your feet. Great

  26. I've always respected Tal the most because he was definitely one of the kind. Levy, thank you for covering these games. I always get fascinated by Tal somehow making knights worth more than bishops. I think his opponents were like, "Well, bishops are worth more than knights, right?" and after about 20 moves, their bishops standing there staring at nothing is just horrendous. What a genius!

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