Mikhail Tal Sacrifices EVERYTHING

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  1. "If u left things near ur king that were only protected by ur king, this man would ruin ur life" 😂😂❤

  2. watching in 2026 right here. Levy is a GM now

  3. These kinds of historical chess primarily 20th century videos are just the best

  4. Thank you for keeping those legendary games alive

  5. Gotham please cover chessable masters today 😊

  6. Great video, Levy!
    We love Tal!
    Such exciting play!

  7. The first player I seriously got into and other than Lasker the only one I like to learn about

  8. Please post more of tal, love this content

  9. love these singular focus vids, whether historical players or engines or even the more modern players

  10. Would love to see a video on the rise of chess AI : Deep Blue

  11. The first game was spectacular,quite rare to see people playing these intuitive sacs nowadays in top level unless its backed by deep theory.

  12. Can you plz stop addressibg that you are a new player and what not in the starting of the video

  13. Can you please make more videos like this with Tal, they're so good and fun to watch

  14. Why do you pronounce names with wrong accent? You even know that for Petrosian it's the last syllable that is stressed yet you still mix it with wrong options occasionally. Annoying.

  15. I'd be interested in some more Ivanchuk games. How about that one where he sacrifices the queen in the Botvinnik variation of the semi-slav?

  16. Oh god every time Levy said Misha i felt like teacher called me out in a class 😟
    Why is this guy saying Russian things?

  17. As a new chess fan, please make more of this historic content with gotham spice added. Love it 👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Fischer is always a great subject for deep dive

  19. Maybe you can already see from past ones but I genuinely believe that if these stay up for like 3+ years, they will outperform the event recaps bc people will always be interested in Tal if chess is being played and these should see more stable and steady growth I would think.

  20. Please continue this series of historical games & players 🥹❤️❤️

  21. Love these videos of old games. Please keep doing them every now and then, yours are the best.

  22. Gurgenidze also has a system against the maroczy bind in the (hyper)accelerated dragon which is pretty nice

  23. Amazing video! Need more of this!!❤❤

  24. Levy this was a LEGENDARY video. Please make more historical chess videos like- World Chess Championship 1894 or Viswanathan Anand

  25. Its funny because not only does Hikaru still shit talk you on his channel….he still mispronounces your name to this day lmao that dude has 0 respect for you hahahaha

  26. A similar story happened to Capablanca. His first big tournament was San Sebastian thanks to pressure from Marshall, but the other grandmasters refused to let the young man play. Finally Capablanca participated and won. A video about this part of history would also be amazing like this one. Thank you!

  27. Levi Thanks for showing Georgia some love!!! 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪
    Can you review some of Nona Gaprindashvili’s games?? SHE IS THE REAL QUEEN.

  28. Day 55 asking for a scotch course.
    I was a day late I know sue me

  29. Why is noone bullying levi in comments 💀

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