Magnus Carlsen Plays His OPENING TRAP vs. Anish Giri | Norway Chess 2023

Magnus Carlsen plays his home prep vs Anish Giri according to Judit Polgar.


  1. Since Magnus Is so great with pawns, doesn't that make him a.. Pawnstar?

  2. 4:35 "I didn't have a pornhub but just the position was.. Not good.." Wait what?

  3. 7:08 black moves to C3 and take B4 wtf isn’t that a illegal move

  4. The play by play was really good. Rare to see that in any sport, no less chess.

  5. Magnus's rating is dropping fast. He is now 2841! Oh dear. I guess he doesn't care much.

  6. I would love to see him play the current Word Champion

  7. Can someone explain why Magnus gets 10m and Anish only gets 7m?

  8. "Magnus Carlsen's editor discovers the Big Head filter"

  9. I hope you guys keep the big heads on the little bodies for your thumbnails. This is hilarious

  10. I'm gonna analyze and annotate this game In my next video on my channel and post it today.

  11. please make it in classical not in Armageddon

  12. Magnus is the best player ever

    Btw don't read my name

  13. Do they gain classical rating for winning this..??

  14. Wow this youtuber is so good at chess 🐖

  15. "Anish had enough of it " . Yeah, I know the feeling . Black has pretty poor position if you badly need to hold.
    I tried to convert final white position against SF and evil machine drawed opposite color bishop endgame , but I am just a mediocre club player, Magnus would convert it easily even against engine.

  16. I hope Magnus gets a classical win against Tari

    Btw I have nothing against Aryan Tari

  17. Nasty little trick.
    I've never seen Anish get bulldozed out of the opening like that.
    This needs a few more watches for study. 🙂

  18. He just wants to play the Armageddons. Does loose ratingpoints non the less.

  19. With a respect to Anish … as usual, Magnus "eats" Anish.

  20. I was hoping for a reversed Norwegian Rat here, but this was highly instructional.

  21. Magnus’s youtube manager..

    This was not oppening trap. It was normal oppening

  22. Congrats on 1M! Oh wait… Magnus literally doesn't care.

  23. Really hoping Magnus gets a streak of classical wins and pulls back in the tournament, seems like every game turns into an Armageddon win

  24. Magnus, I feel like this was a self challenge to try and win the tournament with intentionally taking no classical wins and only taking Armageddon wins.

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