Very good or very bad? | Hikaru Nakamura vs Fabiano Caruana | Norway Chess 2023

GM Daniel King demonstrates Hikaru Nakamura vs Fabiano Caruana from the Norway Chess 2023. Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal:


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  1. Just here to say I started on your book on the ‘95 Kasparov Anand match. What a great read!! Have a great day Dan.

  2. What happened to Magnus? Been partying too much?

  3. 16:14 seems like BxN might have been good for Fabi, to isolate pawns and eliminate a pesky knight.

  4. Great tournament. Great coverage. Thanks.
    Shakh, Naka, Sato, Gukesh all showed brilliancy. Thanks for clearest comments 👍

  5. my chess principles prevent me from playing with an extra pawn against the bishop pair and a doubled d pawn on a open column! but it seems I am too dogmatic

  6. I’m old enough to remember when Hikaru used this line to beat Josh Friedel in a crucial final-round game of the US Championship in 2009.

  7. Terrific analysis! I was re-inspired to work all day on the Fried Liver!

  8. 1…Kf7 2. Rxc6 Bxc6 3. Nd8 followed by Nxc6

  9. It was a pity for Caruana, but good to see Nakamura win. Thanks Daniel.

  10. Is the fried liver not this particular line after exd5 Nxd5, where the blacks King staggers up the board. Most of the "normal games" in the 2 Knights defense are something like the marshall in the spanish, where white lacks development for a pawn.

  11. Also noteworthy of course is Carlsen's poor performance. One classical loss, zero classical wins, only manages to win a bunch of rapid games.

  12. Someone mentioned earlier that Fabi is the next WC when he was leading. I said don't speculate so soon. Well, if you are the one reading this, what's your take now.

  13. A nice and yummy Fegatello!
    Who would have thought it would net a tournament win at the elite level?
    Classics never die, for real.

    Thanks for your coverage of this cool event.
    This format seems to have actually payed off,
    as it pushed even the usually super solid top tier players into win or lose positions all throughout the tournament.

  14. Very much enjoyed your coverage Daniel ty

  15. Two knights… ugh.. such an ugly opening. And almost refuted as well. Mad to play it in a decisive game.

  16. Thanks Daniel for your instructive comments on this decisive game and to see how Fabiano avoided "The Fried Liver Attack, which  holds the award for the coolest opening name in chess. This variation of the Two-Knights Defense involves a bold knight sacrifice which forces the black king to take a walk. This variation is also known as the Fegatello Attack, an Italian term which means "dead as a piece of meat!"

  17. Nakamura deserve it and reslly fried Caruana that by the way was already fried since Carlsen show his poor qualities under pressure. Good for Nakamura selecting that opening. And again not understanding how that Mr King not yet has 100K. The good thing of that is that we dont need to feed up with tedious adverstising interrumptions that once in 100K must be a total disgrace.

  18. Where did you grabbed your mug cup? That’s so cool

  19. Congrats to a resurgent Hikaru Nakamura! Excellent game, excellent tournament. Don't look now, but ever so subtly Hikaru's live rating in Classical is creeping withing distance of 2800. Considering the stage of his Chess career, that would be a heck of story if he cracked the 2800 club again.

  20. Man this is so sad for fabi, hope he doesnt blunder next time.

  21. I'm shocked Fabi lost this game in the fashion that he did; especially, with the opening played. To lose $35,000 by playing f5 instead of Nb4, wow! It just looks like absolutely nothing for white if you play Nb4 instead. Naka suggested he mixed up prep and I can believe that. However, this mistake would Tilt me pretty hard if I was Fabi. Such an unforced error.

    Strange tournament. Carlsen is MIA. Alireza is all over the place, losing to Tari in the last round. Fabi has a sizable lead the entire tournament, only to blow it in the last game. The winner, he literally doesn't care.

    At least the coverage was outstanding. Thank you GM King!

  22. Oh no, poor Fabi. 😕 When I saw the two knights defence on the board I thought he must have had extremely good preparation to go into such a sharp and unbalanced variation in a crucial game like this, but clearly he missed something. What a tough loss.

    Got to appreciate Nakamura's technique though, he did everything right in this game. Thanks for the excellent coverage GM King.

    Excited about Gukesh's prospects after this tournament result! Is he now the frontrunner of the young Indian super talents?

  23. I'd actually done a fair bit of analysis on these Bd3 variations in the Fried Liver, and after looking deeply into the c5 ideas (I had that position in my notes via transposition), I simply couldn't find good counterplay for black. I seem to remember concluding that Nf4 Nxd3 ideas simply don't hold promise for anything other than a potentially holdable position, but I'm curious about what you thought of the black's c5, if you've ever taken a look at those positions?

  24. Poor play by Fabi. In such positions development is everything.

  25. One cannot possibly feel sorry for anybody who loses at chess!! At least not as long as no rules have been broken, and as long as it doesn't mean financial ruin, and I expect Caruana will survive very well. (I never even felt sorry for myself when I lost!) But why didn't Caruana play Nd4 instead of Na5? 5..Nd4! is the reason why I gave up playing the fried liver many tears ago. I mean years ago! (Amusing: perhaps a little Freudian slip of the fingers?)
    Thanks for your analysis and your whole coverage of the event.

  26. I think Caruana just lost concentration and mixed move orders, playing f7-f5 by memory, forgetting that it is wrong if Rook has come to c1.

  27. I play this a lot from the black side online. It offers surprisingly tricky variations if white doesn't know the right continuations. Great analysis as always Mr. King.

  28. I don't understand why Fabi played such a sharp opening . . .

  29. Interesting fabi won 4 games and lost 2 and for some reason you post 2 lost of him and just 1 win 🙄🤷‍♂️🤷

  30. Was fabi interviewed after this disaster? I wonder what he was thinking

  31. I should not have said anything about how well Fabi was doing in the last video. Really wanted him to win!

  32. Double D pawns look far less good than double D breasts.

  33. Yeah, yeah, I subscribed a long time ago. Great coverage as always. I'm always looking forwards to these videos!

  34. "Dead as a piece of liver" if I remember the original translation correctly.

  35. Rather sad and anticlimatic to see the tournament decided by an opening blunder. Not to take anything from Nakamura, who did a thoroughly excellent job punishing it, but I really do feel for Fabi here.

  36. Have to feel for Caruana. He played so well, only for one mistake to end it all!

  37. Who'd've thought there'd be a fried liver attack in such a high level GM game! Excellent analysis as always Mr King.

  38. What an absolute master class in capitalizing an advantage by Hikaru!!!

  39. Seems to be really popular you need flashy names such as "Chess Player Got So Cocky…He Didn't See This Coming." A pretty face probably helps too.

  40. I still hold out hope that the Naka Man could become World Champion.

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