Magnus Carlsen vs. Alexandra Botez With INSANE Time Odds

Watch as Magnus Carlsen, the World Chess Champion, takes on Alexandra Botez with a crazy time handicap! Can he still win against this formidable opponent?
Magnus Carlsen shows why he’s the best in the world by playing Alexandra Botez with a massive time disadvantage! Will he be able to overcome the odds?
It’s a chess game like no other as Magnus Carlsen takes on Alexandra Botez with an incredible time disadvantage! Who will emerge victorious in this epic battle of wits?

Get ready for an epic chess showdown between two of the best players in the world! Magnus Carlsen, the current World Chess Champion, faces off against Alexandra Botez, one of the most popular chess streamers on Twitch and YouTube, in a thrilling game with time odds on

In this game, Magnus Carlsen will have only 30 seconds to make all his moves, while Alexandra Botez will have a generous 300 seconds on the clock. Can Carlsen use his lightning-fast reflexes and superior chess skills to outplay Botez despite the huge time disadvantage? Or will Botez’s superior time management and strategic thinking allow her to pull off a stunning upset against the chess legend?

Join us as we follow every move and counter-move in this exciting game, with expert analysis and commentary from top chess commentators. Whether you’re a seasoned chess player or a casual fan, you won’t want to miss this high-stakes battle between two of the biggest names in chess. Tune in now and witness the ultimate test of speed, skill, and strategy in the world of chess!


  1. Youtube Experiment - Davit Barabadze says:

    And your accuracy was on average 90, unbelievable!!

  2. is magnus a freemason, is he redpilled on the jews like fischer?

  3. Put more sound. I put my volume on 100% Magnus still low

  4. I hate myself for being such a simp about Alex. I'm weak boys

  5. would u rather have 1 rook and 1 bishup or 1 queen

  6. Do Magnus friends laugh because they understand whats happening or just fake laugh😅

  7. I meaaan. Give Alexandra an hour and then maaaybe she would beat him. Probably not tho lol

  8. "Not even close; not even close." Total burn.

  9. When thinking of speedrunning, chess isn't the 1st game that pops into my mind. Obviously, I'm wrong 😅

  10. 4.1 seconds remaining on Magnus’ clock and he says “now I can’t lose” 😂

  11. at least he was not drunk. that would be extra humilliating

  12. I'm sure Alexandra must be thrilled about the pic of her you choose for the thumbnail 😂

  13. Suhu Mah Emang Beda daaahhh…. 🎉🎉🎉❤

  14. if you ever feel useless watch those two behind the magnus

  15. This is just amazing skill kinda unbelievable 😊

  16. Magnus, I'm sure you can eventually do more than 30 seconds…

  17. Impressionante…. Parla. Ride. Scherza. Ma alla fine il risultato è sempre il solito.
    Il piu forte di tutti.. se non si ritira dominerà le 64 caselle ancora per decenni…

  18. Alex is average in everything unlike her younger sister

  19. even Eminem can not comment on Carlsen moves!!

  20. I feel for Alex. That's like me versus a 1500.

  21. who needs to think just premove everything , but he cant do this to hikaru for sure

  22. Am I wrong or could she have won with KD5 at 4:50 ? The laddermate would not have worked right?

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