Want to be 1200 Chess Elo?

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0:00 Intro
1:07 Game 1
12:44 Game 2
23:40 Game 3

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  1. Thank you Levy, before this video I was 1350, now I am 1200

  2. Currently fighting for 1500 rn. I got stuck at 1200 for a while but what’s been helping me is definitely attacking in hopes of being the problem causer instead of solver. Also practice endgames haha

  3. 13:39 this is solid advice I mean I was stuck in the 700s for months and I only finally made it to the 800s because I stopped freaking out whenever I got paired with an 800 and started playing against higher rated opponents like they were lower rated than me and it works like 70% of the time. Elo anxiety isn’t an easy thing to overcome but as soon as I was like “if I were playing against Martin in this position what would I do?” I started winning more games. I mean I still lose but it’s not as bad because I lose a game where I fought back instead of defending the whole time and I find comfort in that.

  4. great game from you levy. really got me there at the end

  5. I have been stuck at 1200-1300 for a year 🙁

  6. I do like rapid more for commentary like this tho, Levy even said that if you really want to learn you have to play at least 15 min or longer games.

  7. You should change the name of your channel to Levy Chess

  8. I dare levy to make thumbnails without Magnus for the entirety of March.

  9. i learned a lot here as an 1150 elo player. please more of these videos at this level.

  10. "Now the only thing to remember is if this then this, but if this, if this, if you do this they're gonna do this."
    -International Master Levy GothamChess Rozman

  11. being 1400 and getting complimented many times by Levy for your good moves must be such a huge ego boost.

  12. 10:52 I am a bit less than 1200 rapid but I think the zwischenzug of the knight is something I should be able to see. I have studied things like that from an intermediate chess book and YouTube and although I often overlook things I wouldn't put myself in the category of people who shouldn't be able to see that trick. It is still pretty much a one-mover you don't have to calculate 3 moves ahead – if it is, then I see I legitimately come up short due to my lack of working memory, but any one mover trick I should see. Not seeing it is my failure of not paying enough attention.

    Generally, it is interesting to see what an average 1200 rapid should be able to do, but I should be rated higher according to these criteria. It is just that I am unable to see these tactics in games, but conceptually while analysing the game afterwards etc. I clearly see I should have seen certain things coming. I think a good example of a similar case was my granddad, who studied chess from a chess book at age 70, previously knowing very little about the game in order to teach me. He knew many concepts from the book I didn't know, but whenever we played I just mauled him as he wasn't able to protect his hanging pieces – he simply didn't see the whole board and at age 70 it is just impossible to start seeing it. So with superior knowledge, he just still got humiliated every single game. For instance, I would fianchetto both my bishops and he was sure to move his g pawn at some point and each time I would almost bump into his hand still on the board, impatient to smash his rook in the corner with the bishop. He would always tell me to calm down, to stop acting like a madman.

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