Magnus Carlsen vs Alireza Firouzja | Full Game | Watch until the end | World Rapid 2021

The game between Magnus Carlsen and Alireza Firouzja was the much anticipated clash of the World Rapid 2021. Magnus arrived 40 seconds late to the game. Was it psychology or was genuinely late to the game? Was this time deficit going to affect him? Alireza played the fighting Caro Kann! Check out the video to find out who came out on top!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I didn’t see a checkmate can someone help me understand how he won

  2. Why didn't he take the Knight on e5…It's true that then the white bishop doesn't have an opponent and becomes a criminal on the a3 f8 diagonal but…That Knight!!PffHe would probably have lost anyway

  3. if you guys look with an engine most of their moves coincide that is insane

  4. 10:51 queen h5 why not? Just wondering if this is possibly a good move

  5. After watching this i know how new i am to chess, i've spend many years without playing and kind of learning now how to.properly play it….but these matches…those moves they don't make sense to me…i know they understand better why the play that way i just can't entirely see the point of many situations

  6. كاسبروف وليمتروف وبايدن لعبهم ممتع ويعتمد علي الذكاء العقلي مش الذكاء الاصطناعي والنقلات بعيده المدي

  7. I’m new to the game can someone please tell me why he moved his pawn forward twice in the middle of the game I thought you only have the option of moving the pawn twice on the first move? Thank you

  8. Imagine if Magnus was in the chess episode of Scorpion the games between him, Sly and Walter would be intense, yes I know fiction is hard to compare to irl, but all 3 have similar brains in the sense of mapping every single move as possible endings.

  9. Opponent: *makes the first move
    Magnus: Oh, I see where this is going

  10. I'm beginner in chess can someone please tell me how the game finished? Cuz i see he didn't kill his king

  11. Im a really bad chess player and really like carlsen hes great

  12. What amatures, im 1000 elo and i play better then this

  13. I love how they all just follow him 😂😂😂

  14. Non-chess players will never understand that walk off of defeat from Firouzja

  15. I'm watching Queen gambit on Netflix and that's why I'm here and I don't know shit about chess at all. I played like 100 times in my life maybe. But I'm interested in this now. It would be cool to have commentary during the match to help people to understand better what's going on.

  16. I genuinely think Alireza has what it takes to beat Carlsen or be equal to him if he doesn’t feel nervous, but I can tell he feels a lot of pressure from the match from his gestures and expression. That’s probably why Carlsen chooses to arrive late to the match, this trick probably works best on Alireza.

  17. Is there anyone who can give me the information of the chess set in the video?

  18. why did they shake at the end clearly one of them could win?

  19. دقیقه 5:10 ثانیه که فیل رو بردی اخر اکه یه خونه قبلش میزاشتی مات بود

  20. اخه چرا اسب و فیل تو از کار انداختی باهشون یه حرکاتی رفتی که کلا از بازی خارج شدن

  21. اخه این چه بازی انجام دادی خیلی راحت با چندتا حرکت میتونستی برنده بشی

  22. Did anyone see the gorgeous girl at the end drinking nice water😍

  23. I did not understand who won, but in the end, was the one who came late? 😅😂

  24. Is the game over?? So who won?? The dark king could have move left?? Why didn't he? Someone please enlighten me?

  25. try piracetam mentat medha vati.
    hail the lord!

  26. Can someone explain how is it even checkmate at 12:40 🥲 or is it like he already knew it is eventually going to be one

  27. how did he win? did the persian dude give up? why did he give up

  28. Ouhhmm I'm new chess player is it checkmate?

  29. saat gecenin 2si bunu izliuorum ben satrancta yeniyim yapilacak hamle varken neden bitirildi erkenden anlamadim ya da ben mi gormedim

  30. They should not start the clock if hes not present, bros obv knows what he doing

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