Take This Queen, Win $60,000.

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Game 1
4:23 Game 2
9:57 Game 3
14:50 Queen Blunder

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  1. wesley's umbilical cord was shivering after that move. Levy should make a reaction on Franks is here chess. Please upvote so that he sees this

  2. Levy this thumbnail aswell as the title are incorrect, I personally think you're a bit dullheaded for creating a major lie.

  3. (⁠༎ຶ⁠ ⁠෴⁠ ⁠༎ຶ⁠)

  4. ༼⁠;⁠´⁠༎ຶ⁠ ⁠۝ ⁠༎ຶ⁠༽

  5. Gotham Chess, your vids are amazing!

    You taught me so many things about the game of chess and your vids always make my day

  6. Stockfish is absolutely just Cartman 😂. Next time I analyze a game that's the voice I'll hear in my head. GG's, Levy 🤣

  7. Levy titles be like : CHESS BOARD EATS PLAYER

  8. Bro I never be even seeing that move if someone did that it is just a free pawn I’m not seeing that

  9. Not really attention span but I already watched hikaru's recap so u r actually very late. So I will take the timestamp 👍🏻

  10. „This blunder was something that 99.9% of players and even chat gpt wouldˋt been able to prevent“


  11. the stare looked just like when I blunder my queen, Q7/10

  12. "Have you ever lost 60000 dollars?"
    No…I've lost more

  13. Bro my attention span can be kept easily for 12 hours if needed

  14. I commented before I watched the video

  15. Seriously cannot wait for your WCC coverage.

  16. Levy's videos suck so much, he always keeps his blinds shut so his neighbours can't see him

  17. Could I just question why levy is so funny, he must be a little freak of nature

  18. “Have you ever blundered your queen in chess?”

    You have no idea…

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