Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand – first game in 2023 | Global Chess League | Commentary by Sagar Shah

Vishy Anand is 5-time World Champion and so is Magnus Carlsen. It was an absolute joy to see them fight it out against each other at the Global Chess League 2023. Magnus represents the team SG Alpine Warriors, while Vishy belongs to team Ganges Grandmasters. Magnus opened the game with 1.c4 and it was a great positional battle. Who came out on top? Who played the best moves? Check out this video where we bring you the entire game along with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Two time Vishay anand face Magnus in world chess championships and many other games but lost vishay is good player but Magnus Can be compared with Magnus

  2. So lucky to witness these two legends having at eachother again!

  3. James Canty is a disgrace for NOT dressing up for the occasion. Nobody wants to see his ashy knees! TECH MAHINDRA should pay him LESS for NOT wearing proper attire.

  4. Amazing how perfect Carlsen has played

  5. Because of Vishy Anand lost in Chennai and senior citizen Carlson did not say his stomach is not well bula bula. Just he doesn't want to crush a old man

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