Magnus Carlsen vs Youngest Grandmaster in Chess History (2023)


  1. Good thing he was able to challenge the world champion at that young age (14). While me 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Yow Magnus Ur My Inspiration Playing Chess I hOpe u made a video tutorial

  3. i mean even hans niemann destroyed misha over the board

  4. Got tired of seeing Magnus content on other channels that don't give him credit so here I am.

  5. Magnus can take some tips from this kid about cleaning his room LOL

  6. Nice match, fun to watch… especially once you remember you have a mute button.

  7. I am new to chess so can someone explain me how did magnus won?

  8. The good thing about GM Abhimanyu Mishra is that, in addition to being very young, he proves to be very humble and calm with a good calculation base in chess variants. 🤔🙄

  9. bro thought he had a chance against daddy carlsen

  10. Well played again, shame about Eric. Loved your response in the post-match interview, only a true friend would be so honest. I'm confident he will bounce back in the next match, unless the captain drops him lol

  11. Sorry but we come here for Magnus. The other faces are annoying.

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  13. sit at the chess board and play with yourself

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