Magnus Carlsen’s Final Game

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  1. Is there a chance for Magnus to become the champion next year? If so, I hope he does. We love you Magnus

  2. 2:01 well Aryan Tari is higher rated than Jon Ludvig, so even without Magnus he isn't the best player in Norway.

  3. I prefer these videos where you explain every move instead of rushing it

  4. levi was really upset 🙁 he really didnt want magnus to throw the championship

  5. After Tata tournament, he said he won't focus on classical chess.

  6. Very instructional video Levy, I like this style of analysis!

  7. “You haven’t thought about anything for 18 minutes in your life. That’s why you have bad grades in school” -Levy 2023

  8. Until Magnus' rating is surpassed by another player I'll consider him the Champ! FIDE could add another level to chess titles by crown Nepo or Ding as WC and Magnus as Champ of the Universe. The suggestion is for free FIDE!

  9. me in the first game "Wait he blundered a knight and bishop fork for like 3 moves and magnus didnt play it OMFG SFWOFJDFEFQSDS


  10. Lol still the best player in the world even if you flip the world upside down

  11. Gotham I hate you and you are the worst ever chess player (just wanted to get pinned).

  12. It seems illegal to call Magnus ''The old world champion''

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