Magnus Carlsen’s Final Game

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  1. Thank you Levy for all your content you have made for us noobs and I want to let you know, you are an amazing chess teacher and the best streamer out of anyone

  2. Today’s stare was rather short, but very exciting as Levy jumped immediately to the topic of the video. 8/10

  3. you're my favourite amateur chess player but you've got to stop clickbating your subscribers with incomplete titles!!

  4. he got tired of holding the title so he lend it to someone till the next championship 💀

  5. 11/10 great. Scary and suspenseful. One of the great stares of all time.

  6. So dramatic I felt like he was about to die after this game

  7. It was a very aggressive stare today, made me fell like I did something wrong. 8/10

  8. You such you are so bad you are should not be a im you should be a Poipu master you are so bad commentary

  9. the stare today was devious, heart-shaking and deep. the inner silence and intrusive thoughts came out all at once with this one, solid 9/10

  10. Damn, history really was made today

  11. Today’s stare was Simple, Short and Sexy as Usual. 11/10

  12. I thought it was his actual last game, Levy never fails to give us a heart attack
    Edit: Also for those asking in the replies: Yes I didn't catch the last video, chill out

  13. Of all the videos you’ve uploaded recently this is definitely one of them.

  14. First ( love the vids man you're awesome this videos are so entertaining)

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