Magnus Debuts Alongside Speed Demons Hikaru & Alireza in Bullet Chess Championship 2023 Round 1

The Bullet Chess Championship 2023 is our most elite bullet chess event in which Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, Daniel Naroditsky and more of the fastest players in the world compete for their share of the $100,000 prize fund and a spot in the Speed Chess Championship’s main event.

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  1. The commentators more interested in Magnus and Eric drinks

  2. I can sleep at night knowing that if Anthony Daniels dies, we have Simon Williams available to play C-3PO for any future Star Wars films.

  3. Robert Hess is a fantastic commentator. Both guys did great. As a chess dummy they are invaluable for my ability to appreciate the positions.

  4. no Nihal in bullet competition looks incomplete!!

  5. Love the commentary, but the red board is unbearable to look at.

  6. Hikaru invented speed chess , people forget so quickly

  7. Hikaru is clearly the greatest most dominant bullet player in history

  8. I feel like if the board was turning it would be cleaner. I personally don't care to always have the white pieces on the bottom of the screen.

  9. Dani was never a bad speed chess player. bogus commentary based off of getting tilted in the World Championship

  10. play on an ipad and don’t worry about mouse slips. write off fabio , what a fool

  11. Yes, we ALL know you love harry the h pawn, but a bit overplayed …ok WAY over played. Still love ginger GM until Hess

  12. No, nobody wants to see you boss play. he sucks

  13. no 1/2 is so ridiculous. prevents long but simple cleanup. Promotes club players putting pieces barely in squares, knocking over pieces, etc. Even bad a 5/0. Zero increment is retarded for people with ADHD.

  14. How come I have no idea what’s going on (cuz it’s too fast) but I’m still watching

  15. Hikaru is streaming and dominating at the same time , just wow

  16. 1:19:07 That is why Danya is one of the best bullet players alive! Promotes to a knight to avoid checkmate and still give himself drawing chances! He might have lost the game even with the effort, but he just doesn't know when to stop!

  17. Should be the first to 10 point. Why show 13.5 to 3.5?????

  18. Question was Kasparov the best player ever or was it someone else

  19. Hikaru and Magnus never choke. Eric is great, but, well, not his fault. Anish is the choke master. Daniel is like Eric+, never losing to someone worse. The great player from Vietnam….Minh…..well, I think he can have a bad day and could be upset. However, he's playing Magnus and has no hope and Magnus winnning isn't an upset. I want Minh to play Anish.

  20. Hikaru vs. Danya will be closer than people think. I'm a HUGE Hikaru fan, but Danya is right now of the best in Bullet history. Hikaru still winning though. Also, Magnus vs. Firo, I got Firo winning like the last time they played in the BCC. I'm pumped.

  21. Love the chess, but it's a little embarrassing that it seemed the scores and cameras were being updated manually? Given it's literally a computer running the games, how hard would it have been to automate those?

  22. What a feast we had, thanks all involved.

    H I K A R U v
    MAGNUS. 🙏

  23. magnus and hikaru are just different in bullet and blitz . we need a final between them

  24. The brilliant technology whereby at the beginning of a new game, the players' names, scores, times and pictures are NOT instantly and simultaneously updated and swapped is… well,… just lame….. We're constantly looking at the wrong picture, or wondering whether the production team has gotten around to updating scores and sides yet.

  25. firozja gonna win the bullet world championship 2023🎉

  26. just wanted to say, that I love that you let Simon Williams aka GingerGM commentate! 🙂

  27. ….best chess variants nuked from the server, atomic gone and crazyhouse killed? Really, wtf???

  28. No veo que el ajedrez se popularice como decian, y ahora menos con este campeon que tiene la gracia de un vaso de unicel, bueno eso cualquier ajedrecista sinceramente, pónganse a hacer algo de provecho eso no sirve de nada

  29. 21:29 – Oleksandr Bortnyk vs Fabiano Caruana 21:29 – Alireza Firouzja vs Denis Lazavik1:10:10 – Daniel Naroditsky vs David Paravyan 1:10:10 – Andrew Tang vs Dmitry Andreikin2:03:13 – Magnus Carlsen vs Eric Hansen2:03:13 – Tuan Minh Le vs Arjun Erigaisi2:57:01– Hikaru Nakamura vs Emin Ohanyan2:57:01– Anish Giri vs Jose Martinez

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