Ju Wenjun v Lei Tingjie | Will Ju make a Comeback? | FIDE Women’s World Championship 2023 Game 6

The 2023 FIDE Women’s World Championship (FWWC) is the most important women’s over-the-board event of the year. The defending women’s world champion GM Ju Wenjun faces the challenger GM Lei Tingjie in a 12-game match to see who will be crowned world champion and earn their share of the €500,000 prize fund.

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  1. I love that chinese sound at the beginning but unfortunately Shazam doesnt recognize the name of it.

  2. Ju Wenju was completely out for blood today especially when she played quite aggressively in all honesty I wasn't sure if Lei Tingjie was gonna be able to match her ferocity but she ended up playing a super solid defense. Well done to both ladies!

  3. Good for chess. Good music good for my ears.

  4. Ju will need something more agressive to win. Lei is fighting like a shaolin. I know she will win this and become the new World Champion.

  5. This match is one of the most classical in a long time. It's almost like they are deliberately avoiding anything hyper-modern.

  6. 50:30 now our lady IM is talking about many youth sports more specifically Aden all coaches that wanted players to have the same stance/ swing which encouraged putting the ball on the ground and your right it’s not as imaginative which is a big part of sports and chess

  7. 49:15 what our lady GM is talking about is allot like written music theory v breaking rules (once you’ve learned them ofc)

  8. The Chinese type beat at start bangss🔥🔥🔥

  9. Great transmission ! Any ref about the music please ?

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