Magnus Destroys 3000+ rated opponent while enjoying his meal

Magnus Carlsen Destroys a 3000+ opponent while EATING & enjoying his meal
Magnus Carlsen vs Vladimir Fedoseev
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Video created by: Filmora10
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  1. Nobody cares. Cockiness isn't a good character trait.

  2. imagine playing chess nigga checkers always been better

  3. Took his oponenet a mistake with 20 sec on the clock for Magnus to get the win (as white), hardly destroyed him.

  4. Magnus is like Goku. Just give him plenty of food and he can beat anyone.

  5. lol eating a meal isn't taking away from his abilities one bit…. try getting hit in the head and then play.

  6. Me watching Magnus destroy his opponent while enjoying his meal while enjoying my meal.

  7. How did his pawn move 2 spaces in one turn at the end of the game, to get the queen?

  8. He's just doing this for attention. Nobody needs to eat their food on a stream like this. Annoying behavior.

  9. Quite the appetite Magnus has to devour two meals in one sitting.

  10. Can someone explain to me the last move of pawn before the queen. It moves 2 spaces?

  11. 0:29 are you allowed to make that move?? wait what like why does his knight die from his own pawn

  12. He's slowly morphing into the Dragonlord, only needs the mighty Unterkiefer now

  13. If you watch it on mute it looks like Susan Boyle slaying some GM while eating

  14. can some explain how he moved his pawn into A3 while his knight was already there ?

  15. Whats the game theyre playing. Looks kinda boring

  16. Is that Magnus Carlsen or Sam Bankman Fried playing? lmao

  17. Did magnus make a mistake with rook c2 at 4:40 ? does this not allow a fork or am i missing some kind of reason black cant fork the king and rook
    Edit: i just realized dont bully me

  18. He can eat and play…wow. alert me when Magnus beats a 3000 rated while driving a school bus full of children through the streets of a crowded flea market.

  19. For some reason I read the title as "Magnus destroys 3000+ calorie meal"… I've been watching too much bodybuilding videos

  20. Can someone explain what happened at 0:30 seemed as if he grabbed his own knight there.

  21. What happened at 00:32? How did his Pawn move onto his knight? Sorry I'm brand new to this.

  22. I can't even talk while enjoying the food.

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