Magnus, Ding, Gukesh Must Win To Keep Semifinal Hopes Alive! Freestyle GOAT Challenge 2024 QF

The $200,000 Freestyle Chess G.O.A.T. Challenge is an over-the-board Chess960 tournament featuring Carlsen, Ding, Firouzja, Caruana, Gukesh, Aronian, Abdusattorov & Keymer. It starts with a rapid event to decide pairings for the classical knockout tournament, with all games played at the Weissenhaus Private Nature Luxury Resort in Germany. Watch:

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  1. Magnus' main strength is keeping his head in stressful situations, a quality common in most past
    World Champions as well in comparison to their peers.

  2. Magnus vs Alireza its a Art in the board

  3. This Firouzja Knight was in Queen Mode! Dude! We're watching from Brazil – Chess Tocantins Federation. Congrats for this excellent work.

  4. How many times have we seen Magnus grind down a players defenses like that. He prodes and prodes and forces you to make mistakes.

  5. Commentators: "This only looks like a draw game"

    Magnus "hold my bishop "

  6. Seeing Magnus grind that endgame, forcing Alireza into positions with single winning moves on such low time, I'm convinced he's the GOAT and there's no changing my mind now

  7. The guy in red suit really likes to shake hands i suppose.


  9. “ younger generation” got crushed

  10. Don't think Nordibek will give much of a challenge as he like Naka is already psychologically damaged by Magnus.

  11. I have to say I was a bit of a traditionalist when it came to 960 chess but I now agree with Magnus. This is the future for long games.

  12. The heart rate is great idea and shows how extreme is this sport…. Alireza keeping 130 HR proves the amount of stress and how solid is magnus he kept HR under 100 till the win

  13. FOURTH day of the tournament and the producers are STILL completely screwing up the starting positions! Rank amateurs….

  14. Just about to watch the last game. But it’s hard to argue with Peter, especially as regards that first rapid game. Chess is exciting (as well as being beautiful!). And what a privilege to see the best player in the world, and perhaps even the world’s greatest ever player go head to head with the young genius Firuzja

  15. People are using the word grind to describe Magnus’s endgames. I wouldn’t call any of this “grinding”. These games are things of beauty and the technique is beyond incredible.

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