The Champ Has Fallen

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  1. How many games did he win in Tata Steel?

  2. Levy never fails to never fail! But only because of what was said at 19:07

  3. I just wanted to say tank you Levi because lately I started using your favourite check list and I already see effects, seriously you are a champ 😎🤙🤙

  4. For every like this comment gets, i will blunder my queen.

  5. "Ding is a great guy, not controversial whatsoever."

    You should learn with the legends, Mr. Rozman.

  6. Magnus is not inviting Ding again 😂😂

  7. change ur thumbnails back to normal and people might watch ur videos baldy

  8. Ding has literally JUST returned to competitive chess. This is his second tournament since coming back from his illness. Let’s not overreact when he was literally gone for 8 months. It’s gonna take a while for him to play himself back into form.

  9. Why the thumbnail looks like magnus boutta drop album of the century

  10. I really like this Fischer random. Makes things WAAY more interesting.

  11. I swear to God levy's wife is very jealous of Carlsen

  12. Let’s bring back the meme of Levi’s stare

  13. lol more like when I was 16 I was working and studying

  14. Don’t stress to much over thumbnails we love you any ways

  15. Levy never fails to edge while making videos

  16. When they play this rapid first, they can get used to this game easily

  17. Liked the thumbnail with Ding and Magnus a little better 🙂

  18. Oh God, Levon just smashed Ding. I mean that was savage 🍌🍌🍌, just bananas 960

  19. Why does the king apply to me so goddamn much?

  20. I think they don't know the level of players on freestyle so they just do the rapid for the warm up for classical and seeding

  21. understandable exploit a strong title to attract viewers but unsympatic to conclude in that way once somebody has one bad performance

  22. Levy never fails to make me laugh

  23. Is it wise for Magnus to risk diminishment of his classical chess prowess by spending time on alternative format chess just because it is “more interesting”? … there are those in the chess world who are going to keep the grind on, where the money and accolades are. Fischer Random will always be a sideshow.

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