The Champ Has Fallen

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  1. 3:29 a little of guard you say? That move bluescreened my brain so hard I fell over

  2. This style of chess is more competitive imo.

    The players will probably try to claim this isn’t real chess.

    I think this style shows you can play in any situation.

  3. This proves that Ding Liren is made in China 😂

  4. "Ding is a nice guy, how is he 0 and 6", just a reminder that nics guys do indeed finish last.

  5. Levy never fails to never fail (I am 16)

  6. Alireza vs Magnus in fisher random is what I want all year long

  7. Why the hell did you remove ding from thumbnail

  8. Coach………
    Didnt you just posted thst you wont be milking magnus again.
    You're loosing respect 🙂

  9. Sorry, take castling out of 960… how stupid.

  10. Levy acting like he haven't fallen yet

  11. If Magnus sees the possibility of a 5+ square Gigachad 960 short castle based on the initial setup, his strategy is to do everything he can to make that Gigachad 960 short castling move happen. If I ever play 960 random, I will also use the same strategy and declare myself the gigachad of chess if I manage to pull it of. Winning or losing the game from there is of no consequence.

  12. Everyone gets their name + surname except Gukesh. Levy is like I am not even gonna try to pronounce that. 😂

  13. Gotham never fails to oil up the board🔥

  14. Explaining how the castle works multiple times in every single video is extremely annoying ngl

  15. Thank respected sir levy rozman by watching your videos I get to learn chess, which is my childhood dream so thank you for providing such knowledgeable Content keeping me and many more chess enthusiast's like me connected to the chess world.
    (PS:- English is my second language so please don't mind if there are some errors)

  16. Why wouldn't Magnus play world Championship if alireza don't?

  17. This man barely edits his videos and still makes me watch them.

  18. For every like on this comment i will realease a kid from my basement

  19. We need to oil up Levy for those clickbaits

  20. I'm convinced 50% of Magnus's power is pure psychology. Ding is a spectuacular player, but he just seems like he's spooked, and magnus is a poker player, if he catches a psychological weakness, he'll exploit it for domination. I hope Ding sorts himself out. We know he's a spectacular player, but he just doesnt seem like he's performing at his best.

  21. maybe that is why ding liren wasnt winning….cause he just doesnt care about his score cause it doesnt matter. Im really curious of something about this tournament…were the invitational sent like today and the tournament started tomorrow? im just trying to figure out why they needed this preliminary step.

  22. Ding is 0-6 bc he is not world champion level, he never deserved to win

  23. Magnus didn't invite the Fischer Random WCC to this event!?

  24. "The one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail , fall and die trying"💔💔💔

  25. Maybe someone knows, has chess 960 lower drawing chances in general? Compared to any other format.

  26. I'm concerned about Ding, this can't be the world champ😢

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