Magnus: “I’m Done”

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  1. Hey man, 1990 was 33 years ago. Don’t you be calling me “nearly 40” there’s a big difference

  2. 7:44 Magnus did lose the first game of classical against Caruana, if I recall correctly

  3. Bro I calculated the bishop sacrifice in the last game before you say it in 5 or 10 seconds 😂

  4. Gotham has been getting many sponsorship deals lately. I miss the Old Gotham

  5. Its clear he wants to become a poker champion now!

  6. Magnus carlsen will be remembered for generations

  7. He's intentionally grown his hair so everyone knows hes now just letting his hair down with nothing left to prove. Its a genius way to subliminally avoid a lot of flak for bowing out lol.

  8. You are so hungry for views!! You should just quit chess and become a magician, chess aint for people like you… ( okay now can i get a pin of shame xD)

  9. Levy you need to do more chatgpt videos i FUCKING DIED LAUGHING at those. It's genuinely funny

  10. It almost feels like this tournament was Magnus showing everyone where he is now. Bored with classical but still interested and dominant in rapid and blitz. Hes basically said as much when he gave up his title.

  11. Awesome Callback, very proud of you Levy :)!

  12. Levy i always watch your videos to fall asleep. THIS IS A COMPLIMENT I PROMISE

  13. Levy trying to not meet riding magnus (impossible)

  14. You pinned my comment and it got 6k likes on the video "how did levy get a girlfriend". I just want to say that it wasn't a hate comment at all, i love your videos! 😊😊

  15. i was waiting for him to say : "And he sacrifices THE ROOK !" i'm a bit disappointed though

  16. i ve seen magnus irl in tata chess, he seemed bored.

  17. 5:30 Levy has again said the wrong colour while showing us a game in progress.

  18. Awesome Callback, very proud of you Levy :)!

  19. bro i stg you look more homeless than homeless ppl

  20. "Hikaru hasn't lost an armageddon in a long time." Lost to Magnus in R3.
    "Magnus hasn't won but hasn't lost either." Didn't Fabi beat Magnus in classical in R1?

  21. Magnus may be done but levy is never done. Levy will farm Magnus beyond the grave

  22. i can prove that gothamchess started the boxer rebellion and taiping rebellion

  23. Me who's in Germany and watch this video In 11:40 am in the night

  24. That end game ad integration was as sweet as… um, sugar no… 🍯.

  25. What's the chance that he failed to win against the entire field in classical but won every Armageddon? It just seems like it's an improbable outcome.

  26. Im just here to watch Nodirbek games to be honest. Glad to see him win against Hikaru

  27. I think he was only there because people expect him to be there not because he really wants to be there

  28. The c4 explosion joke caught me by surprise 😂

  29. 1 second in the video and I can tell its Gothamchess classic

  30. riding magnus so hard he tried to erase fabianos w against him

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