SECRET Rule Of Chess!

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  1. “Ohhh so that’s what it means,this guy didn’t call me a peasant after all”👴🏻

  2. I did that but I think it was a bug😂

  3. I speak french and your accent in french is funny (en passant is in french)

  4. I was always so confused how en passent worked

  5. Yeah i know that
    Even when I was 200 elo
    Because I used to click on pieces before making a move 😂

  6. Doctor: french gothamchess is Not real, it cant hurt you

    French gothamchess:

  7. Of course people know it exists, it's forced afterall.

  8. You forgot to mention that en passant is forced.

  9. U almost checkmate a player but you have en passant

  10. İts becuse normaly pawns only coud move 1 square at first version of chess

  11. That video was slow enough for me to follow!

  12. Wait I saw this move in a chess game that I was playin g and I was so confused because I thought it was a glitch thank you

  13. I did this once my whole horrible chess career before I knew this existed

  14. I did this to my grandpa and he said you cant do that 😂

  15. Why is this a rule? I remember this a while back and was never taught about it when I first started

  16. Im french and I just love how he pronounces "en peussant"

  17. And I kept thinking that my bot start cheating

  18. Another fun fact about this mysterious move is that once your opponent plays it, you are forced to take Un PaSsAnT

  19. Also its said "black can capture the pawn via en pessant"

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