SECRET Rule Of Chess!

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  1. I remember when a chess bot used this against me, it was my first time ever seeing it, and I was flabbergasted

  2. Nononononono you gotta be french to do that move

  3. i thought this was a joke but i tried it and it actually worked my enemy took like 30 seconds to process what just happened

  4. I got a chess book in primary school and learnt about this move. Truly incredible watching my enemies lose their minds thinking I cheated

  5. I just got hit with this move yesterday, what the fuck

  6. imagine watching this while having dementia. nice way to waste a good 8 hours.

  7. Ive only pulled that move off once, keep in mind I only started playing chess a week ago

  8. players know that it's non of a secret

  9. idk that was the right name for it, my teacher told me that move is called pos pon not en passant

  10. You let me see this video just after I got checkmate with an en passant pawn!!!MY FRIEND WAS BLINDFOLDED AS WELL!!!

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