Magnus MEGA TROLLING Vladimir Kramnik

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  1. Magnus is such gentleman, losing hus own time for his opponent

  2. Kramnik thinks he's still the sh*t after he dethroned Kasparov… that was in 2000.
    World has evolved Mr. Kramnik, people are just better at chess…

  3. The accuser slowly slipped into illness, now he is on the verge of madness

  4. It's not an airport, Kramnik, no need to announce your departure.

  5. Kramnik plays smash ultimate or smash 4
    Where the GM's play super smash bros melee
    Guy can't keep up and resorts to insults and temper tantrums

  6. How many Magnus videos are you going to upload in 2024?

    Levy:- YES

  7. I believe everyone would find this very interesting

  8. Vlad is just salty. He was just brutally beaten by Magnus, who willingly ran his clock down to match him and stayed on top. Such a legend.

  9. Anyone else find this VERY VERY INTERESTING 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  10. Damn Gotham really had to flex that Gucci on us

  11. We must subscribe so levy can afford a razor

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