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  1. Levi never fails to include Hikaru in Magnus’s video’s

  2. Why is knight f6 not played at 4:18, doesn't it win an exchange?

  3. Comments never fail to leave lame comments 😅

  4. Levi never fails to exist in our universe in his videos.

  5. Gotham never disappoints us, he's an incredible Content Creator and always creates masterpieces. His content is amazing.

  6. First day I've been waiting and looking for the video before it was made. Fair play Levy. Thanks

  7. Nice commentary…although the hyped Magnus vs Hikaru games lived up to expectations, enjoyed the Nodirbek-Fabiano game immensely…!

  8. When Magnus has 5 minutes on the clock against Fabiano, wouldnt white knight to F3 been a winning move? If pawn takes, rook h8. If black rook takes white rook, you get the queen. If black moves the queen out of danger, you get mate or 2 rooks. Or am I missing something?

  9. No more shame pins it is the time for sponsor pins😢

  10. im confused, i thought magnus retired? or is this not over the board?

  11. This man's commentary makes chess sound like some high profile football match

  12. Keep these recaps coming Levy everyone loves them because they are are highly entertaining from start to finish

  13. "Do you remember once in your life finding a special life that makes you feel amazing" 💀

  14. levy never fails to mention chess in his videos

  15. Great commentary Levi! What a ride, thank you, I like chess boxing! Merry Christmas from Canada 🤣🥰🙏🏻🍁💞

  16. Day 4 of asking levy for a GTE episode

  17. He hasn’t covered the Qc2 blunder from Hans. Bro got hit with a cease and desist 🗿

  18. Kudos on pronouncing Toronto correctly. You are now Canadian.

  19. Hikaru never videos to Magnus Levy on include fails.

  20. Back to chess after a long absence… had to google "Bidding Armageddon"… WOW that puts a CRAZY spin to the meta!

  21. Lazavik showing up and playing is immense for his future.

  22. 17:56 What are all 3 sides of the board?
    P.s. your tournament recaps are amazing.

  23. These comments never fails to include never fails in their comments.

  24. Levy didn’t do the stare. That’s how I know it’s going to be good

  25. Kudos to Magnus and Hikaru both featuring Levy in their game

  26. your pronounciation of zwischenzug gets better but you can still improve on it. if you practice a bit you will get it perfectly

  27. More clickbait from the worst streamer of all time

  28. Levy truly talks about Dr Drunkenstein sometimes

  29. If I had to choose Hikaru is the goat (my opinion)

  30. Extremely surprising to find hikaru at the bottom of this tournament. He has been playing very good chess lately from what I've seen him play. Seems these other guys just got his number right now.

  31. hated to see Fabi lose 3 games. Hopefully he comes back strong tomorrow

  32. I never fail to read a comment about never failing on one of Levy’s videos

  33. How do I get tickets for this? Is there resale tickets anywhere?

  34. Levy fails in magnus to never include his videos

  35. Why do you Armogedden for Black instead of white?

  36. First time watching a video in the within the first hour lol😅

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