Magnus v Alireza & Hikaru v Danya in Star-Studded Winners Semis | Bullet Chess Championship 2023

The Bullet Chess Championship 2023 is our most elite bullet chess event in which Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, Daniel Naroditsky and more of the fastest players in the world compete for their share of the $100,000 prize fund and a spot in the Speed Chess Championship’s main event.

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  1. Im amazed how good Hikaru is in bullet. Always thought he is just this good in blitz, but… wow! And it hurts – as a Danya-Fan – to see Danya losing. Anyway, it was a great match <3

  2. The graphics production on this stream is at 1970s level

  3. 1+0 is just silly for "serious" events. A considerable amount of games turn into a "who can make moves faster?" / "who has the better internet connection" / etc.
    Just play 1+1.

  4. Who do you want to play, Hikaru or Danya? Alireza: "Well it doesn't matter, cause Hikaru will just win anyways." Wow.😮

  5. i dont understand how Magnus exchanged rooks when he was 15 sec and Firouzja was 4 sec ,he should just play until he flags out Firouzja

  6. Alireza did not deserve the win 😂. Clearly the only reason he took it down was a bad mouse. Play again with Magnus on ideal setup and it’s not even close

  7. So entertaining, Great match 🎉🎉🎉

  8. Do we really have to get either a black or female commentator just to be inclusive?
    I would rather just have the best possible guys.

  9. It's first time for Magnus in bullet Championship so it's ok. The Commander (Magnus) falls to a Ranger (Ali) that has so many experience in the frontline. 😅 And Hikaru is a King of the Warriors in the Frontline. 🔥 What a Monster 🔥💪

  10. I like canty but I’d rather have a boring 2600 than an “entertaining” 2100 or whatever he is.

  11. was Hikaru doing this while he was streaming ? If he was, damnn… He's so good..

  12. Glad to hear that Simon will be showing up tomorrow with Hess!

  13. How refreshing that chess now has some cool guys like James Canty , playing and commentating, it’s important for the kids to see people that look like them being successful in every sport and game !

  14. This is way better than the super bowl

  15. Anyone know what time Alireza v Naka starts tomorrow?

  16. avoided to see the results, missed the livestream but watching now, so hyped haha!!

  17. The games are just too damn fast. How are you suppose to trash talk your opponent while playing. 😂

  18. From a viewer‘s point, Tang’s RBF is among his biggest assets 😄

  19. Hikaru is a monster. Alireza played also very-very strong.

  20. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:

    Alireza vs Hikaru! I don't know who will win, but it will be a top battle!💪

  21. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:

    Great matches, great commentary, great atmosphere!🔥🔥🔥

  22. 3:50:17 I really enjoyed this moment of both players clapping hands for each other! Great respect shown by both and thanks for the great match!

  23. The commentators did an awesome job keeping the energy up

  24. Maybe after this performance and what we saw happen at Norway Chess, y’all will stop gobbling Magnus’s knob so hard, hyping him like he’s some sort of chess Jesus, that was born unto a virgin and walks amongst men. He didn’t win a single game of classical chess, at Norway Chess, this year and he just lost by 3 pts to Firouzja in bullet. YouTube’s chess god is just a human after all. Wake up. Accept it.

  25. the 'double feature' format is really a dumb idea. It's hard enough to follow one game at this speed, but if you try to do that, they switch to showing only the other game.

  26. LOSERES BRACKET (LOSERS ROUND 2)The "Oleksandr Bortnyk vs Emin Ohanyan" match was not played, Oleksandr passed automatically by forfeit 32:45 – Andrew Tang vs Eric Hansen1:11:15 – Jose Martinez vs Denis Lazavik1:11:15 – Tuan Minh Le vs David ParavyanWINNERS BRACKET (WINNERS SEMIFINALS)1:58:47 – Magnus Carlsen vs Alireza Firouzja 3:05:35 – Hikaru Nakamura vs Daniel Naroditsky

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