Ridiculous 500 Elo Chess

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  1. ngl this was more painful to watch than usual low elo. like how is it even possible to make such moves…

  2. There is just no way this game is legit… I could SOMEWHAT understand if it was bullet or blitz, but a 10 minute game? Nahhhh. Not like 500-600 elo is high, but I've never seen players around that level play THIS bad in a rapid game…
    This looked more like 50 elo chess and not 500 elo chess.

  3. its a hard life to ne a 500 ratet player

  4. He said you won’t guess the move he played and I guessed rook d7!!!!!!! For some reason I’m proud of myself 😂

  5. Me: Hey Mr. fool me once fool me twice I think you are being trolled 😆
    Also me: These poor six year olds 🥺

  6. I refuse to believe this was a real game played. There is no way. No. No. No.

  7. I really want to play against you one day to see how the teacher plays against a long time student ME😂

  8. Anyone else find things that are like " Ya, but he could of went… oh wait nm, gotham was right."😅

  9. 20:06 was the most heartwarming moment in the world.
    Gotham, you will always be remembered
    – Wice Person

  10. I think I lost all my brain cells and some hair half way through this video…

  11. Wow… im an 800 player… and I was SCREAMING at the screen "WHAT ARE YOU DOING"?!?!?!

  12. I win games in ways I think are brilliant, then I remember there’s people like Gotham who would see my first 4 moves and burst out laughing.

  13. There’s no way they’re 650 bro this gotta be a joke 💀💀💀 this is 300 elo at most

  14. It's really hard to lose in 8 moves? I checkmated a 1250 in 8 moves using the London.

  15. Levy, where did you find that mantle piece in the back? The coffee cup with crumpled bills coming out of it. As a native New Yorker, it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

  16. As a 500 elo me being this bad I just can’t take this tho

  17. Cool sponsor but ion need that I’m broke as hell and my credit score like 20 I can’t even get a credit card in my name

  18. no way gotahm i am mad because there are no captions
    i will now angrily watch your video without captions

  19. What is it called when you only move pawns? A pawnsy scheme XD

  20. What was he looking at? I'll tell ya, he didn't want to risk his pieces with all those pawns out there. You saw what happened with the knight. Like you said, right off a cliff.

  21. These players don’t even know their names

  22. Do you keep on changing the title until the video gets attention

  23. "Drove it off a cliff" I almost choked on my pizza lmao

  24. Are you sure these are real people because some of the moves make no sense, I think its deliberately played bad or used very low elo bots, I refuse to believe these are human move.

  25. This game was so nonsense I thought it was fake😂😂😂

  26. These guys took keeping the tension way too seriously

  27. As a negative infinity rated player I think that those two are god 🤯🤯🤯

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