Ridiculous 500 Elo Chess

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  1. Hey gotham i just played my best game can you review it. Im a 400 elo pls dont bully me

  2. The horse with no name wandering around the desert.

  3. An average match for me: 11 missed wins

  4. This man has over 4M subscribers, yet he chooses to make an "educational" video at the 600 elo level…😂

  5. How do you send GothamChess a game

  6. So a pawn's value is equal to 3 potatoes. How does that scale to the other pieces? 😅

  7. As someone who was born yesterday I'm offended by you calling my parents weird

  8. its really hurts to watch game like this.. not that im super great in chess.. but this game its just nonsense

  9. I think that these players need to re-read the rules to Fischer Random chess…

  10. andrea botez calling you out me personally i wouldnt let that slide

  11. This has to be scripted by 2 friends to mess levys brain

  12. Petetion for the worst game Gotham record a 1 hour movie

  13. Alcohol is god's apology for making us self aware.

  14. I refuse to believe these people are 500. They gotta be 1000 at least

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