Magnus v Nepo | Rivalry Resumes in Faster Time Controls | Speed Chess Championship 2023 QF !coinbase

World chess no. 1 Magnus Carlsen takes on his former World Championship Challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi in the Quarterfinals of the 2023 Speed Chess Championship. Watch the games:

The 16-player field for the strongest online speed chess event also features Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. All the details:

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  1. Wait ly he just play but not serious come on dude

  2. Why do they keep talking about the prize pool as if the players care? Caruana once mentioned that he didn't even know nor care how much candidates paid off

  3. Often times with Magnus, it seems like he’s bored, like yeah whatever. Then it seems like, hey I’m playing, I might as well try. Then he destroys.

  4. Why is the newest comment always a spoiler? It's actually amazing

  5. Seems like Hikaru's the only roadblock for Magnus

  6. Both Magnus and Ian don't "milk, burn time" that's Naka's strategy.

  7. Tired of commentators using "mathematically impossible" without doing the math. Shortest checkmate is 2 moves with black or 3 moves for white. Assuming you premove, that leaves your opponent playing 2 moves before getting checkmated or running out of time. which would take 61 seconds. So if you're down 9 points, it's mathematically possible to tie the match in 8 minutes 9 seconds of gameplay (FInish 8 games and start the 9th with 1 second left on the timer). Assuming 5 seconds between games, that's 8 minutes and 49 seconds. So mathematically, if you are down N games, you need (N-1) minutes + (N + (N-1)*D) seconds where D is the number of seconds between games to tie the match. They're talking like the threshold is 3N minutes which isn't even close. You can say "realistically impossible". But not mathematically.

  8. Fun fact.
    Hikaru beat , yang yui and fabi by 10 point margin.

    Magnus beat vidit and nepo by 9 and 11 point margin.

    Both total 20 point difference. Magnus vs hikaru in finals definetly. Magnus is better , hikaru is faster.

  9. Bok is a good commentator but it's hard to understand him with his speech, he talks too fast.

  10. Interesting application, it will still be more reasonable and productive to earn in the Utopia p2p ecosystem.

  11. Nepo needs to take up Martial Arts. He needs to get that tough character. And his belly too big. He needs to do some jogging and keep fit.

  12. This proves that Magnus would most likely have won the world championship. I was think Ian Nepo could beat Magnus at rapids and blitz. Was I mislead. And Nepo definately not going to beat Magnus in the classical.

  13. Where is the brooklyn variation? I can't find it

  14. 2:43:33 Was a F@@@@ good advertisement by danny rench. It was executed perfectly! The video effects, mannerism, video clips and the flip around. I got to download that video and upload it on my channell.

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