Magnus v Nepo | Rivalry Resumes in Faster Time Controls | Speed Chess Championship 2023 QF !coinbase

The 2023 Speed Chess Championship presented by Coinbase is the strongest online speed chess event in the world! Watch five-time champ Hikaru Nakamura take on a field including Magnus Carlsen, Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Gukesh D, and world champion Ding Liren, for their share of the $150,000 prize fund!

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  1. I think Magnus will beat Hikarus' unsound chess! At least I hope he will!!

  2. Let's skip all the matches and let Magnus play Hikaru in the finals.

  3. When he's on his vibe he's fucking unbelievable. And he's still only 32. He's probably not peaked yet. The young guys are booked to the gills with prep and are tactical monsters but he just blind sides them with sub optimal moves to get them out of prep and then his supernatural feel for the game takes over. I mean, Jesus, Nepo is a super GM. Do we need an "End Boss" GM category as well?!

  4. Magnus yawns and slouches at everyone then still wins. What a monster. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Wesley So will have this revenge here. The Ronaldo of the Chess World vs the Messi of the Chess World. Hikaru being Neymar is also a great fun to watch. This is gonna be an all-out war to the end. 🧠🫀

  6. Game #1 – There is nothing wrong with Ian starting with the Petrov Defense, yet, when Ian makes the questionable move, Ian, Hess, and Bok were sure that Magnus was going to play bxn. Now, Ian, Hess, and Boc have super rating, yet Magnus answers with something none of them saw, bxp check. Wow! …by Bok.

  7. Ian soul was eternally damaged by that WCC match in 2021. He just can't face Magnus anymore.

  8. Nepo is the biggest punching bag in chess 💀 😭

  9. Would be super cool to have the symbols popping up for mistakes, blunders, great moves etc. etc.
    I’m not good enough to know what’s what but I enjoy watching the titans go heads up.

  10. Any doubt who the GOAT of chess is. Long live the king.

  11. It's easy to miss that Magnus is almost 400elos higher than Jan in bullet!!

  12. Where is the live comments 😢

    Ohh! Im sure its bcuz he is Russia’s strongest player and dont want him humiliated in the live comments section

  13. Magnus on Wesley: The match will be close if he's not tilted.

    Magnus on himself: If my brain is braining, I'm winning.

  14. Magnus ist a late game Monster, just feed him with wins.

  15. Nooooo, why did not Danya do the commentary🤤

  16. The truth is the only one who can beat magnus is hikaru, and the only one who can beat hikaru is magnus..
    These two are so much better than the other GMs in these formats.

  17. Magnus unbelievable.He is gonna win against Hikaru this time if hikaru reaches final

  18. sluggish magnus better than some magnus carlsen guy

  19. Magnus like tortoise starting wins like rabbit

  20. This amazing match is supported by awesome commentaries/analysis and a very good team work between you 2 hosts. Thanks a lot!!

  21. oh my god ian played my opening in last bullet game which is only played by me

  22. Ain't gonna lie Magnus Carlsen is sharper than ever this year

  23. Dominating and Magnus didn't even feel he played that well. Truth is at his best no one can beat him. Not at his best and still very difficult to beat.

  24. Where is the "goofy opening" with the knight?

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