Magnus vs. Pragg! Is the World #1 Ready For the Future? | Game 1 | FIDE World Cup Final 2023

The 2023 FIDE World Cup takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan and featured 309 players, but only two remain as Magnus Carlsen fights 18-year-old Indian star, Pragg, for his first ever World Cup win. The top three players will also secure their place in the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament.

Open games:
Women’s games:

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  1. Good for Pragg winning for Game 1,,good indication to sweep Magnus like Naka

  2. Leko's voice is pure unmitigated death, with utmost respect.

  3. I want the match . I want the match . i want the match

  4. Why is Magnus so annoying to watch 👀
    Why does he just go out in the middle of the game😂

  5. Ah the anti climax of the first final game. Shocking blunder by Fabi though. One game too many.

  6. Lord krishna is with you pragg… you will win … lots of love from india…

  7. Beating a Chess player from India is an Achievement itself

  8. one day I will face both Great Chess players .

  9. can anyone write all the moves so that I could recreate?

  10. 1.4 million views 😂😂 — Conclusion = there are a lot of Indians

  11. Big day for Indian Chess. Looking forward to this one.

  12. Magnus was asking the runner up to the womens cup for a date!

  13. At 18, I just know about Horses, Camels, Elephants, King Queen Etc…..But Look at the Young talent, he is competing with no: 1. Best Wishes to him in the 2nd Round.

  14. if you enjoy watching the skills of a Chess Super GM, maybe you will enjoy watching the skills of a Chess Super BM -> @termsofblunder

  15. Good evening to naroditzki and gm.leko..😊❤😊

  16. Magnus was discussing with Prag with much more friendliness as to other opponents, he even waited when Prag left the table. There is something(Potential or some quality) about Prag Magnus has seen already so gives this much friendliness. May be Prag will be invincible some day like Magnus. Magnus is a cool player.

  17. Syallom,Who is the Champion World Chess Magnus or Praggnan ?.💯

  18. Tomorrow is going to be a nervous and special day for India as Pragg plays against Carlsen and India's moon mission (Chandrayaan 3) is going to attempt a soft landing on the Moon in the evening!👌

  19. One of the most watched live game and with best commentators there are in chess. Great leko and daniel enjoy watching

  20. Imagine watching a chess match for 3 hours and it ended in a draw 🤯

  21. Can someone explain to me why Magnus agreed for a draw. Pragg was clearly behind the clock. When we play chess online it’s a loss when you run out of time. There must be some different rule here which I might not be aware of.

  22. Magnus with the white prices next game? He was glad to draw today

  23. Prang….prag..pragggg 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳

  24. wish they would show engines move on the screen

  25. k weba me dan esos 2 weys, jugada 1538 y la posicion está igualada

  26. Magnus should play me cmn bro Im proud to say that Im no.1 in my country

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