Magnus was SO BUSTED!!

Magnus Carlsen is playing in the European Team Chess Championship for Norway in Montenegro. This is a recap of his 2nd round game.


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  1. Magnus losing his edge (however slightly) in recent months gives me such mixed feelings because it’s sad to see the decline of a player if this is even a decline but at the same time there’s nothing better than seeing these young up and comers smell blood and go for the kill against the old guard,

  2. Changed he's face at the opening 😂😂😂

  3. If dragnev played this game online, without knowing his opponent, he probably crushes.

  4. Hikaru is the only guy that can oversimplify top level chess so hard that it sounds like he's explaining 5th grade math

  5. I don't know who advised Hikaru to over articulate at the beginning of the vid but that person did him wrong.

  6. I love seeing magnus lose because then soon hikaru will be the first rated player

  7. He might acuse him of cheating too,magnus falling off

  8. what is his hand doing tho 🤔 shirt is vibrating like that is sus XD

  9. he wasn't going to say shape 😛

  10. The way Hikaru starts his videos is nothing short of psychotic.

  11. I’m doubtful you need to stream or do these vids for income anymore but goodness man, thanks. I love watching you talk about chess and your play is just godly. Keep being the greatest guy!

  12. The pawn sacrifices reminds me so much of alphazero. Restricting the enemy and sacrificing material for activity so the enemy has to sacrifice material into a losing endgame. Amazing recap. 👏

  13. I'd love to see Dragnev's reaction to the computer lines in the post game analysis. Bro knew he was winning and may have seen the idea to sac the a pawn earlier when it would have been winning, but just thought it was too risky. Just saying, I'd love to know what he was thinking.

  14. hikaru keep making this type of explaining games………we love it😁😁❤❤

  15. What a bizarre line honestly, especially all those pawn sacs at the end that the engine wanted. Crazy!

  16. The change of Emotions in the intro is spooky

  17. Normal person : Montenegro

    Hikaru: Monte***

  18. These days Magnus(Goat) and other top players are having hard time due to having to play 3500 elo stockfish for 25 moves straight.

  19. I need the Hikaru pineapple 🍍 neon sign in my life

  20. I would recommend getting a haircut from a licensed barber

  21. Hikaru how does it feel to be a beta cuck who provides for his wife while she cheats on him and has no balls

  22. I think Magnus main issue in the middle game was using his queen as main defender. If you defend successfully with weaker pieces, you can defend less and allow yourself room for stronger counterplay

  23. What a nasty position for Magnus! Totally lost!

  24. Fascinating game. I really think that White could have outright defeated Magnus here. But in typical fashion, Magnus pulled out the toilet plunger and unclogged his position! Truly amazing game.

  25. Yiu should go live on you tube because who the hell watches anything else ?

  26. Fischer was right after all hence, retired from chess so he will not experience this kind of humiliation from younger opposition. Classical Chess is all about opening theory and memorization..creativity is on the bottom list.

  27. The way he was deadface for a quarter of a second before turning on the streamer personality was something out of American Psycho.

  28. Hikaru has the haircut of a 7 yo and the shirt of a 65 yo

  29. Hikarurs intro is the funniest thing ever

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