Valentina Gunina v Harika Dronavalli Face Off | Julius Baer Women’s Speed Chess Championship 2023 QF

The 2023 Julius Baer Women’s Speed Chess Championship (WSCC) is an online competition featuring the strongest women chess players in the world! The field competing for their share of the $75,000 prize fund include defending champion Kateryna Lagno, former world champions Hou Yifan and Alexandra Kosteniuk, as well as rising star Vaishali!

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  1. Me also wanted to participate in online game. How? It possible??

  2. 1🇺🇸🌈🎄☕🥷🏽🏈 GO!!! I was blind and now I see yeats have no ship. SUBMIT. 🥷🏽Aachilles. hehehe…

  3. Kochana Hou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lask Bozych!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marzen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek.

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