Magnus Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins

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  1. PR front Magnus? I found your lack of faith during the Litigation process disturbing.

  2. The crazy part about the 4th game is you can even promote to bishop and after rook h7 its checkmate.

  3. Isn't that a free pawn on d after white castles?

  4. Last week I went 10-0 as a 1300 player in the field in 3 minute blitz increased rating temporarily to 1415 but back at 1300 😢

  5. I could hear the joy of Levy’s accountant when I saw the title of this video

  6. Classic levy being completly honest about Gothamchess just being Magnus's PR team

  7. Excellent recap of Game 1 of the women's world chess championship! Bravo.

  8. Hi Levy, I was just wondering how long you studied chess before you played In your first tournament?

  9. Notice how Magnus never was really on time and was up by like an average of 30 some seconds

  10. @ 12:45 the knight was too slow. Rook sack for the bishop and pawn. Pins whites bishop and knight.

  11. last time i saw 3 f s was on ur card was a roast and a half

  12. The balls it takes to just walk those pawns down the side.

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