Magnus Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins

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  1. Levy i hope wherever you are you and your family are having a good time and props for still working hard to make good content. Keep it up! 👍🏽

  2. When Magnus enters a tournament, Head Of The Table starts playing.

  3. ain't no way he said "last time I saw 3 F's was on your report card"

  4. Yeah yeah. A month ago you were wondering if it's the end of an era? Drama

  5. And Naruto reference….I'm enjoying this one! As always

  6. i breathed 11 times correctly today which is pretty good

  7. i want someone to talk about me the way levy talks about magnus 😭

  8. can we take a second to appreciate the Santa Claus icon?

  9. Gotham hiding from the riots somewhere doing Magnus clickbaits

  10. Levi with such an amazing title while being held hostage

  11. Can we talk about how good levy is at memeing

  12. A thrash metal chess from Magnus. Different brutal riffs and killer solos

  13. How to speedrun life:
    Take a shot everytime levy says magnus

  14. I am surprised that magnus seems to be playing really well at blitz but struggling in classical.

  15. Yo he makes fun of his audience a lot. Sometimes its a bit too much.

  16. for someone who has 4mil subs your setup sucks… at least get some greenscreen

  17. I don’t think these moves are disrespectful I think he just knows he always has an advantage if his opponent is off book as soon as possible, which is actually pretty respectful

  18. I think Levy might just be in prison, doing videos in any room he can possibly get some privacy in

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