I’m Coming Back To Professional Chess

I’m getting back to competitive chess! Reykjavik Open starts tomorrow and all of my games will be covered on my Twitch channel by Grandmaster Jon Ludvig Hammer. I will also post recap of my rounds every day so make sure to subscribe and turn your notifications on! My first round is tomorrow (March 29th) at 8 am PT/11 am ET/5 pm CET.
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  1. giving away weaknesses at start of event… very good alex

  2. The series Levy could not handle doing. Can't wait to see!

  3. Wishing you the best on your upcoming tournament! You'll do great.

  4. Best of luck. I like highlevel chess Alex 🙂 Let's go.

  5. cant wait to see the queen blunder at the next candidates

  6. Great explanation video, I really enjoyed watching this! Thanks 👌

  7. Chess is my muse. I wish you luck 🍀 and try not to overthink.

  8. If you set your goal to become the world champion then you have a good chance of becoming at least a wgm. But if you set your goals low you will not get anywhere near it. Remember, more confidence comes from more wins. And always play stronger players than yourself.

  9. me gustan tus reacciones cuando pierdes pero mas cuando ganas I like your reactions when you lose but more when you win

  10. Cant touch this

    Fett at du har Jon Ludvig i hjørnet – Cool u got J L Hammer in your corner.

    Thanks for insights – and I understood the outpost thing with the knight for first time. Cool.

    Heia Norge! Lenge leve kong Simen Agdestein 🙏

  11. Your Hikaru scream shall echo throughout the ages!

  12. That sub 2000 FIDE meme really bugging her eh 💀

  13. Goodluck!! You got this, give ‘em the good ol botez gambit

  14. Yesss! This is exactly what I asked for when you asked for feedback! I love the game reviews! I'd love to see Andrea do some more as well if she's up to it! Thanks for this, Alex!

  15. Recently been grinding up the online ladder and your channel is one of those I come back to often. Thanks a lot and good luck in your future competitive endeavors!

  16. Best of luck Alexandra, its a lovely feeling to be motivated and positive, you're definitely giving off confident vibes in this video.
    Don't let that fear set in, and if it does, try and tap into that meditation head space you mentioned when training a week of chess.

  17. LOL ich literally paused the video when you asked what pawn you should take. Educational streamer indeed 😂

  18. Alex is so awesome she’s out here trying to get better and at the same time she also shows care in our chess ratings, we appreciate the kindness.

    P.S. well I’m only a 500+ Rating but I’m tryna get better every single day. 🥲

  19. Retirement !? . Your barley in your 20s

  20. Great video, thanks. These are a lot easier for mortals like me to follow if you put an animation on the moves, so my brain doesn't have to constantly figure out what just happened and I can just watch and enjoy.

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