Martin vs. Martin: The End Of Chess

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  1. 7:17 Gotham just assumes the martin with black pieces as a villain in "the first plot twist has occurred and the villain is ahead." Is he racist?

  2. that evaluation bar represents levy's figure of speech

  3. I’ve always thought Martin is designed to be the grandmaster dad who plays with his kids, trying his best to let them learn from the game and win.

  4. "Typical Martin behaviour"
    -GothamChess(AKA Levy Rozman)

  5. A sincere comment, you changed , you are no longer the Gotham Chess I knew, the only thing you care about is YouTube algorithm now.

  6. A good sequel to this game would be Nelson vs. Nelson

  7. Martin is a man who doesn’t play to win. He plays for the love of the game

  8. bro your vids just get better and better each day, love ya

  9. Is no one gonna mention the destruction of Martin after the roast

  10. The commentary of this video is more entertaining than any other sports game I’ve ever watched in my life

  11. I like how he sounded like batman at the end there😂

  12. Your voice at the end make me question my sexuality for a sec

  13. What would happen if you put two adaptive bots against each other?

  14. Can this guy make good content again. Tired of these ErMaGearD CheSs BaD videos.

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