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  1. 🍑TАP T0 НAVE S*Х WIТ' МE🍑 says:

    always a good day when levy uploads!

  2. These are truly my favorite of all Gotham Series!

  3. Ngl this was the first tutorial that actually worked💀

  4. always a good day when levy uploads!

  5. bro almost loose to 2200 ,i never buy your courses yu are sooo traash

  6. Me wathcing this with 729 elo:

  7. i'm 1900 and everytime i get close to 2000 i drop back to 1900 lol hopefully this video is gonna be enough to help me

  8. Win at chess is the best educational series ever! Thanks, Levy

  9. Love it!
    Very instructional. Better than those lower rated chess games

  10. Y'all FR roasting him in the comments chill y'all 💀 😭

  11. Me watching this as somebody who barely holds 1000 elo:


  12. What about moving the white bishop in the first example. Because the qeeun is still def the checkmate

  13. Technically you part of the 0.00001% when you are super high rated

  14. Currently 1900,wery helpful. Keep up the good work.

  15. The world sure is cruel… i feel bad for the people who are 2000+ as levy has throw them back to 1999 elo

  16. Gm’s hate him learn this one simple trick to gain elo.

  17. Yesterday I was 500. I watched this video today and now I’m 2000.

  18. As a 1750 i can comfirm i will reach 1300 after using this guide

  19. Levi, can you explain why bishop sacrifice was not good here 25:40

  20. What is the best website or app to improve your chess faster and is free of cost

  21. Thank you Levy, I was 2287 previously, but now I am on 2000 ELO, I am grateful for everything you do.

  22. at 30:58 i feel like you could of done rook takes on c1 then after they take back, trade the queens, check on h1 and then take the rook on c1 and you'll be up a rook

  23. Thank you gotham for teaching something to a bit stronger players instead of the usual beginner-intermediate level instructions

  24. Can't you quit your garbage channel already? Why do you show up in my recommendations? You're so cringe 🤡

  25. How to win at chess is my favorite series, sad that it was gone for so long.

  26. bro i swear am 700 elo and i found queen c7 so i was actually confused when he said u can only defend with the bishop

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