Want to be 2000 in Chess?

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  1. Can I please make a video where you play 5D chess

  2. Thanks for the video , now I can lose 500 points and become 2000 in chess

  3. As much as I enjoy your regular content, you are an exceptional instructor as well and these educational videos are very informative. Would love to see more educational content!

  4. As a 350 this made me 2000 in 1 day 🤩

  5. Can you play me in a video? I love your videos by the way

  6. 4 hours ago and there isn't a pin of shame yet. I am sad Levy

  7. As an 800 this probobly has somehow helped me the most?

  8. Thank you levy, you are a great teacher and I learned alot from your videos. Whish you do more of these. Can you provide the PGN of the second game? Thanks (also sorry for my bad english)

  9. A very nice video after so much of chaos by the bot games.

  10. I’m 1300 but still rising by 50 per week 😏

  11. I am litteraly 1611 rapid , bro I dont think Im getting there any time soon

  12. Great video. I wish Levy did more of this stuff. He's honestly an insanely good player that is ALSO a good teacher which is a rare combo but I can't blame him for wanting ad $$$ so we must put up with Frank…

  13. Thanks Gotham, cause of u i was able to reach 2000 i was 2200 yesterday ❤

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