Mission Impossible In The Chess World | Chess Memes #27


  1. Yo chessbites when will the pawn open onlypawn? Just a joke

  2. The fact the king is all alone at the start

  3. These videos are so amazing! I hope you will get to 100k subs and to 1million! Good luck!

  4. Bro chessbites you need 100k so quickly you just have 16k you need more than 500k subs for your content 😊📈📈

  5. Bro ur an absolute legend bro this is gonna be good

    Edit I knew this was gonna be good it even tied in with my other favorite series

  6. The way he walked at the end behind the letter jumpscared me so much i almost jumped

  7. chess bites congrats for hitting 16.9k you are the fastest growing channel

  8. You made me play chess again but pls be a little kid friendly

  9. every one is saying nice video but it was posted 7 min ago and the vid is 9 min ☠

  10. Claim your before 1 hour ticket here(no I’m not a bot)

  11. How he upload so interesting video but has only 16k he deserves 10 million subscribers

  12. No one Gonna talk about How The White King and queen Threatened That Black Bishop💀

  13. What's the pointy thing. Is the pointy thing a wenier or penies

  14. The end tho playing a chess game mid air got me dieing! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  15. Wait if the knights the guard how does he not kniw the answer to his puzzle 😂😂😂

  16. Did Pepechess and chess bites colabed and chess bites did this with other chess youtuber?

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