Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok “From CHESS”

From the album CHESS THE ORIGINAL RECORDING by Benny Andersson, Tim Rice and Björn Ulvaeus. Featuring Tommy Korberg, Murray Head and Elaine Page.
Listen to the full album here:

Music video by Murray Head performing One Night In Bangkok. (C) 1984 3 Knights Ltd., Under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB



  1. You would think they could have at least found a girl that looks even slightly asian.

  2. Real Peter a and Peter b.
    Oh well. Not with us anymore.

    Good guess like semi permanent LSD.

    No fucking way etc. They won't believe etc.

  3. This song is like a dream you can barely understand but you're still able to understand it

  4. It's not easy to write a song about playing Chess. It's all about one night in Bang Cock. Use your imagination. You know how to check, dont ya mate?

  5. There is a campiness and unabashed honesty to this song that is just so refreshing and 80s.

  6. This should be Andrew Tate’s theme song with the chess theme and kickboxing!


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  12. I absolutely positively love Love LOVE singing this song for karaoke night.

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    Black marble. Which day is that.

  14. The Hein Blöd has tits ! I mean The Belschack !

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  22. Do you know this song was banned in thailand ..that was our days ..what a fabulous song

  23. If you love this song, check out the Vinylshakerz remix… It's a club banger

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  25. too bad the only part of the song that is catchy is the chorus

  26. back when even asian people had to be played by white people. the music holds up well though.

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