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  1. Enjoying all the love Ding is getting 😂 the mems are great😂

  2. Actually the fork in 6:23 is not a problem. Qb6; exf6,Qxb5; fxg7,Kxg7 and stockfish is saying tha black are Ok and white have nothing, the black king is safe on g7.
    But i am 1500rated player…just i thought that it would be good defensive game for Ian if he played Nce5 with good chances to draw it.

  3. So, I've been playing a 100% win rate World Championship level opening all this time?

  4. You’ve used the same image for a thumbnail before

  5. 13:32 from that position what is wrong with knight e8 threatening Queen g7 mate? The other pieces are too far to stop it no?

  6. bro gets these up too fast i cant even finish blundering my rook

  7. I'm still rooting for Magnus to win

  8. Hey Gotham, can you do a video on how to improve 2500 elo in one day?

  9. mad respect to Gotham for legit coming back 30 minutes ago from a flight and still making an amazing recap

  10. I was watching the stream and I could see Ding shaking a bit when he set this up

  11. 6:24 just to clarify the fork is not really a threat because of Qb6, but the resulting position after trading bishop for a knight is not really nice

  12. i watched hikarus recap too but levy's is… insane, much more understandable and he makes you watch it, you know? love ya levy, keep going!

  13. Let's go Ding! These games have been CRAZY so far, rooting for my boy here, what a wild storyline it would make if he won this!

  14. When you remove the top dog. The championship is actually exciting again!

  15. Watching Levy has gotten me into chess which is something I never thought was going to happen…

  16. Nepo and game 6's never go well together…

  17. 6:00 if he turns into an avalanche then ding definetely shouldn't become a horse.

  18. It is an unavoidable rule to respect this man

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