My Problem With Hikaru Nakamura

Another day, another chess drama. Drop a like and let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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  1. all of us onow who's the best entertainer here, not hikaru obviously 🐢💨

  2. nice slow calm explanation! but better to follow along while giving the option for 1.25 speed if someone wanted. Also, maybe I'm wrong but it looks like you've lost weight! U go girl!

  3. Why did I ever open this vidya zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. good for you … i dont dig you that much – but this is a really good video … well done

  5. to the gallows for whomever edited in the UK flag instead of the England flag!

  6. We as liberals need to stop fighting among ourselves. We need to stand up for our fellow liberals. Hikaru is a liberal and that is all that matters. Plus point for him being an immigrant POC.

  7. Hikaru was pure savage sorry for all the Guy who got insult by him

  8. i think he meant you wont be winning anything related to chess with a high value which is true since you're not a gm yet

  9. A very classy response to a frankly dick comment from Hikaru.

  10. I love everyone impression farming off each other it’s great 🔥

  11. Can someone explain to me why the fuck chess competitions are split by gender?!

  12. Hikaru has not done himself any favours

  13. Hello Alex, may I call you Alex, I see others calling you Alex, I believe your name is Alexandra.

    Just be thankful you don't the problem of a square peg into a round hole. You can choose your friends… but I think it follows you can't choose your co-workers, parents, or enemies. So if you are after views say so, also your bra tan line is showing, not that I mind, I point it out as no one is perfect, even me and I am THE closest thing to perfection on the planet. You have a great body if that helps alleviate any insecurities by me mentioning a tan-line.

    I am Matthew, He, Him, as in HE, HIM.

  14. Well Bring me bike 10mins of my life PLS

  15. GREAT sense of HUMOR !!!… watch it till last seconds.

  16. Who cares if Alex, Andrea or Levy will ever win any major competitions??? They entertain and get people interested in chess. I was an avid player in my teens, on my high school chess team…but as an adult I sometimes drift away from the game because…well, life happens. But over the years something in pop culture, be it a movie like Searching for Bobby Fischer or Queen of Katwe, a television show like Queen's Gambit or streamers like the Botez Sisters…will come along and I will be reinvigorated to keep my love affair with the game. I look at the Botez Sisters like I look at TwoSet Violin. Eddie and Brett are trained classical violinists, like the Botez Sister are trained chess players, but Eddie and Brett will never be the violinists that people like Hillary Hahn , Sarah Chang or Itzhak Perlman are. But who cares? They are spreading the love of classical music with humor and fun, inspiring people to further explore the joy of classical music. That's what Andrea and Alex do for chess. To me, that is much more valuable than winning a tournament.

  17. Not only is there a time gap between her and the greatest chess players when she plays them, but now she has introduced a time gap between her speaking voice and the video as well…

  18. i found g5 yay 😄, also that endgame was very similar to a game i played yesterday where i did use the rook as decoy to promote a pawn

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