My Problem With Hikaru Nakamura

Another day, another chess drama. Drop a like and let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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  1. Hikaru seems to be mixing up being the best chess streamer with being the best chess player.

  2. Yes Hikaru, and you’ll never make champ. So… 😂

  3. at 5:17 I will have played bishop f4 check and continue with rook exchange


  5. Raspuns foarte elegant. SI un punct castigat cu intelligent pentru Canada. Felicitari.

  6. At 9:22 in the video alaxandera says black can defend with rook b2 but can’t you sac the rook by playing rob b2 and pre mote?

  7. I'm inclined to agree with you, Alex. Bad form on his part. It's not just about the game of chess. It's about "Chess-er-tainment." (Original, BROOKLYN DAVE phrase).🙃

  8. Alex you are just out of this world fck hikaru

  9. this is a funny and cool channel… what are you doing talking about the boring streamer/player ever?

  10. The top 3 streamers are interesting:2800 elo = 2400 elo + entertainment = 1900 elo + boobs

  11. Well you'll win more than at least 80% of players, and you will forever be a better-looking than human hikargo nakamaga or whatever his name is

  12. Only in chess do players respond to criticism by showing game play from 10-15 years ago. 😂

  13. haha! love the humour. Don't understand the chess.

  14. Imagine if Magnus told Hikaru you'll never be as good as me, there's no reason to talk like that its unprofessional, and he just had to say something to boost his inflated ego

  15. at 2:46 would QD8, making the King go to h7, then BF6 be a check mate after black moves then Qg7? I'm a 900 elo player who isn't trained at all, so just curious if that works.

  16. I think it's obvious that you are a nobody if you keep that attitude of yours. Try harder to get better than just spam views using other chess player's names. We all know that Hikaru may state cold truth sometimes but it's impossible for someone to not grow if they are trying with all their might. You can't just depend on your past experiences. That's not called growing but rather clinging onto the past.

  17. i think you know how to play normality am not saying you are a super gm i enjoy chess i enjoy every play but let's be true can you win hikaru or magnus we can't even if we played together me and you so i don't think it will work

  18. Aside from his brilliant speed chess, there's really nothing else to expect from Hikaru

  19. Canadian🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  20. 0:40 what were the average ratings of opponents at those competitions?

  21. Hey ,this is what you have achieved in your chess career , one can say it's not a load a crap. But if you think you are comparable to IMs , GMs and super GMs , its just stupid. You may be a good chess streamer , but thats it. Just be happy that Hikaru talks about you. And he's actually right, you cannot win anything significant in the chess world. First try to become a GM , stay at that position for a few years and then speak about such stuff , "got a problem with Hikaru". You are not on their levels. Be grateful that they entertain you , be it Fabi, Hikaru or Vidit.

  22. Hot girls that can beat most of us at chess has its place. Let’s not kid ourselves, streaming is about personality and humor, not about how skilled or intelligent you are.

  23. aww were you in istanbul , i wish i knew that

  24. Hikaru is always not nice to others and he has a grudge on carlsen because he’s rank 1 . He always thinks that he deserves all the awards given to chess streamers or players-(titled)

  25. watching your videos is like bringing up my childhood playing chess.

  26. Hikaru: Me, me, me, me, …
    Botez: I, i, i, i, …

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