Andrew VS Adin 20 000$ Chess Game


  1. Bro made a wall💀💀💀💀

  2. I had a stroke watching this, Tate did better but oh my gosh that was horrible playing XD

  3. adin fr playin as the fawkin mittens bot


  5. And then he sacrificed the……. ROOK !!!!

  6. The waffle house Has found the news houst

  7. I can tell by his play style tates got the gm basic ideas down

  8. The waffle House has found a new host

  9. Tates eyes never leave the board until he knows he's won. Adin is constantly looking away. Top G pays attention.

  10. Killing spree of piece's at the end. His middle game and end game is garbage. But solid opening

  11. Why is adin sacrificing all the pawns or he just suck at defense

  12. tates right side of pieces is boring

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