Andrew VS Adin 20 000$ Chess Game


  1. Dude literally sacrifices half his pieces to protect his queen just to loose it in the end anyway

  2. Children like watching rapist play chess.

  3. This man really wanted to give 20k to the bald guy.

  4. Adin should have learnt the Chess how to play, before he played the game 😂

  5. I can't even imagine any of the chess players reaction to this.

  6. Im so disappointed ☹️ because Andrew missed checkmate on queen to E7 when adin pushed his king over 😢

  7. Bro is giving away peaces for free and absolutley self sabotaging his own self 😂

  8. Tate did miss mate in 1 with queen e2,he missed mate in 1 again in f2,he plays very well and clean though

  9. Adin literally sat down and said "im gonna ruin my kingside😀"

  10. This is just a normal 600-1000 elo chess gameplay except adin is a 400

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