NAKALABAN ANG FORMER WORLD CHAMPION! GM So vs GM Kramnik Titled Tuesday March 28, 2023

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  1. wala narin time si wesley coach resignabled nrin tlaga

  2. Sarap panuorin laban ni Wesley coach.lalo na yunh Berlin variation na habol lng plagi tabla🤣🤣🤣

  3. Don't bash Wesley. I'm sure, he has gathered all his courage to compete in every match he joined.

    I'm sure he's better player than anyone in the comment section.

  4. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Magnus sucks. Wesley So rules. SAYNOTO2900 GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    Bobby Fischer would consider Wesley So more of a world champion than Magnus Carlsen or Hikaru Nakamura for the period 2019Nov – 2023Mar.

    – Wesley So has never lost a classical 9LX game out of 14.
    – Hikaru has never won a classical 9LX game.
    – Magnus has the most classical 9LX losses.
    Magnus (2wins, 2draws, 4losses) & Hikaru (0wins, 3draws, 1loss) tie with Vladimir Fedoseev & Peter Svidler for the lowest classical 9LX score.
    – Hikaru (like Daniil Dubov) is a traitor to the US (Russia) for baselessly siding with Magnus over Hans (Nepo & Sergey).

    (HUGE UPDATE: Search zs4zpf about how Magnus has something against JEWS more than Americans.)

    6 parts:

    PartI. Bobby Fischer agrees with me.
    PartII. Magnus, unlike ASH KETCHUM, was never the world champion and
    PartIII. is a TALENTLESS patzer ,
    PartIV. corrupt coward.
    PartV. & hypocritical cheater.
    PartVI. Hans Niemann


    Bobby would side with Hans & Wesley So over Magnus & Hikaru even if e wouldn't like the US government today. I guess Magnus is the reverse: no political opinion on the US but has something against American players, as Magnus ADMITTED IN A PODCAST (see yev3a1 ).

    When Wesley So or Bobby Fischer accuse people of cheating, we LISTEN.

    When Magnus Carlsen accuses, we LAUGH.

    Magnus is a cheater too. (More in partV)


    Wesley So is the inaugural CLASSICAL WC and has been from 2019 to PRESENT and has NEVER LOST a classical game.

    What a joke of a so-called WC in Iceland. Congrats to Hikaru who became the RAPID WC. Wesley So won really in CLASSICAL not just SLOW RAPID because the time controls were 45+15=60min! Actually, Everyone who won the classical portion of their 2019 WFRCC match also won their match, i.e. no one caught up in lower time controls. Also, FIDE, 25+5+5x(60-30) = 32.5min < 35, midpoint of 10min & 60min and thus is fast rapid not even slow rapid!!

    Wesley So didn't lose WC to Hikaru. Bobby didn't lose WC to Anatoly Karpov. FIDE gave unfavourable conditions for AMERICANS Bobby & Wesley So.

    Does FIDE have something against Americans? (They had only 1 non-European president.)

    There's FIFA uncovered. Where's FIDE uncovered?

    Wesley So previously faced corruption as a Philippine citizen from Prospero Pichay & NCFP (see: 0J3K-3_xCzY ) and now faces corruption as a US citizen from Magnus & FIDE.


    Magnus is the best currently, but Wesley So has been the most talented since latest 2019.

    'Talent' is how good you are when there's no theory.

    Chess = great = a combination of theory and talent

    9LX = pure talent

    Quote 1:
    After playing Chess960, I realise how mentally unwell chess players become the more they play it. They know they will get the same ideal setup every game and they deny the fact that they will mess it up unless they memorise some other geek's ideas. In Chess960 there is nothing to deny. You know you are going to get a far from ideal start position and you know it is up to you to make the best of it and you know you will be playing moves nobody has tried before. Which is better for your mental health?

    Quote 2:
    Chess960: The winner is the more agile mind. Chess: The winner is the biggest nerd.

    9LX removes openings, so Magnus should be STRONGER not LESS STRONG. Yet in 2019 Magnus then 4x WCC lost 13.5-2.5 and 4-0 to Wesley So. Why?!?!?!!!!

    Turns out Magnus is a talentless patzer who crumbles without opening prep. PATHETIC.

    Note: Patzer means extremely good at openings but sucks at middlegames or endgames.
    Hence, 'talentless patzer' is redundant.

    Magnus is maybe 1 of the GREATEST, but how can you be THE GREATEST when you're TALENTLESS?

    In 2022 rapid WC, Magnus lost 3-1 to Nepo and thus lost indirectly lost 3-1 to Hikaru despite beating Nepo 4-0 in the 2021 WCC (where Magnus cheated Nepo). Also, Magnus should be better in rapid than classical.

    Larry Kaufman told me:

    (Begin quote)
    Magnus doesn't generally play such great openings, he strives to get the game out of book as early as possible usually. I think the issue here is that his greatest strength is the endgame, but FRC games are much more likely to be decided in the middlegame as the players are on their own so early. That's probably why he doesn't shine as brightly in FRC as in Classical chess.
    (End quote)

    Wesley So is by definition of beating Magnus more talented than Magnus (TALENTLESS). But still Magnus is better than Wesley So. It's like Marvel & DC. Marvel rules live action. DC rules animated.


    Magnus is a coward re the 2022 WC because:

    IV.1 – Championship privilege – The 2022 WC didn't have a candidates the same way the last 4 WCCs do. Magnus had the FULL privilege to defend against ONLY 1 OPPONENT each of the last 4 times. And Vishy from 2008-13. (But ok Wesley So got PARTIAL privilege.)

    IV.2 – Time controls – FIDE lowered by 50%! Changed the WC from classical to rapid where Magnus obviously has a higher advantage!

    Magnus even beat Sergey & Fabi only because of rapid tiebreaks. But Sergey & Fabi 'deserved' to have lower time controls because they only drew against Magnus in original time controls. Wesley So however beat Magnus 4-0. Why did Wesley So deserve rapid time controls?!?!!

    Note: The tiebreaks Sergey & Fabi got were even 35min (25+10=35), just exactly the border between fast rapid & slow rapid. Lol.

    Bobby was on top for only a short period of time because FIDE and Anatoly were cowards who ran away from Bobby. (No offense Sergey Karjakin! Or wait I can compromise: FIDE, not necessarily Anatoly Karpov, were cowards.)

    See? It happened again. FIDE and Magnus were being cowards running away from Wesley So. But it backfired on them because they didn't expect Nepo, and apparently Hikaru too, is more talented than Magnus. But I already knew it:
    – Nepo lost only 3x to Wesley So in 2019 FIDE and drew in 2022 St Louis
    – Magnus lost 4x to Wesley So in 2019 FIDE AND again in 2020 St Louis.

    But I guess FIDE still benefits anyway from Hikaru's winning since Hikaru is a popular streamer who sides with Magnus over Hans.


    Magnus cheated 4x

    V.1 – with David Howell against Danya Naroditsky in 2021 Dec

    V.1A – in the lichess thing.

    V.1B – in relationships. Lol.

    V.2 – with Aryan Tari against Danya in 2022 Jan again in lichess

    V.3 – Magnus also cheated in 2019 blitz WCC in distracting Alireza: Magnus spoke in Norwegian on own turn BUT AFTER punching clock continued to talk on Alireza's turn.

    V.4 – Magnus cheated against Nepo in 2021 WCC with the knight touch move thing and then said 'do better' as part of gaslighting the reporter. Search 'magnus carlsen gaslighting'.


    Magnus is like the cheaters Tigran V / L Petrosian and is unlike the HONEST players Wesley So and Bobby Fischer. Also Garry cheated Judit by touch move. See? Magnus copied Garry.

    Also Garry is not GREATEST for cheating against Judit (whose sibling Susan is JEWISH AMERICAN btw – see zs4zpf ) and not apologising for 3 decades now. But at least Garry isn't a hypocrite like Magnus.

    Levy said GREATEST comes down to Magnus, Garry or Bobby. Bobby wins!

    Wesley So told Hikaru in stream that 50-70 years 9LX will replace chess ( see 1I2Tg4ttG2M ) . Wesley So said in 2018 interview St Louis that Bobby or Garry is GREATEST ( see ZzGQAZGegYg ). Even if Bobby is not GREATEST, Bobby is MTOAT – most talented of all time.

    Also, have there been any cheating scandals in 9LX?

    9LX players have more integrity than chess players.



    FIDE lowers the time controls to lower Wesley So's odds wanting Magnus to win just as chessc*m kicked out Hans Niemann wanting to please Magnus.

    Magnus not only cheats but also is a sore loser in manipulating chess entities (chessc*m & FIDE) to hurt American players (Hans & Wesley So).

    Civil conspiracy and ra()sm!

    The 5C's:

    Civil conspiracy

    I already said in this post:

    Who's the biggest sore loser?

    Light Yagami (death note),

    Magnus (chess),

    Garrett Adelstein (poker),

    Carlsen (chess960)

    Really, Magnus is like TALENTLESS Nana Hiiragi:

    Magnus Carlsen reveals to Wesley So that Magnus is actually Talentless, and that Magnus is killing Wesley So before Wesley So leads the other Talented to become the true Enemies of Chess. As Wesley So loses his grip and falls away, Magnus Carlsen receives a text message claiming Magnus has saved one million people from chess960.

    P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See


  5. Pahiya nga si naka dyan coach nag bong cloud pa kay krmnik, ayon uboshhh

  6. may asim pa si kramnik ^_^v bawe na lang next time wes..

  7. Need cguro magpahinga muna ni Wes coach maaring over drained na utak nya sa laro. Recent last game nya kay Naka ay sobrang bad blunder c Wes na kahit ordinary chess player makita yong poison pawn ni Naka. Dito nman kay Kramnik talo p rin ang ating kababayan..

  8. Idol coach IM nava MGA kamatyas 😘 new subscriber account ko n tlg to

  9. Wesley is inconsistent again. Rollercoaster performance like match-up with nakamura..

  10. Naku.. pinapasok mo si Kramnik sa semi-slav napakataas ng winning percentage niya sa defense na yan.

  11. Nd malakas si kramnik…mahina lng talaga si wesley nyo….hahahaha..

  12. Present coach ❤bawi nalang nextime WES 👍💪

  13. Good & happy Thursday po,coach…present po🤚🤚🤚

  14. 2nd comment: Suggestion: Janelle Frayna upset Georgian GM (really GM not just WGM) Bela Khotenashvili at the 2022 world blitz.

    There's a 13-move UNDERPROMOTION puzzle here.

    [Variant "From Position"]
    [FEN "6k1/6b1/1p1P3p/6pP/3pPpP1/p2NqP2/6K1/5Q2"]

    1. Qd1 a2 2. Qb3+ Kf8 3. d7 Qe2+ 4. Nf2 Ke7 5. Qd5 Kd8 6. Qe6 Bf6 7. Qe8+ Kc7 8. Qc8+ Kd6 9. e5+ Qxe5 10. d8=R+ Bxd8 11. Qxd8+ Kc6 12. Qa8+ Kb5 13. Qxa2

    For some reason none of the Philippine channels except Kelvinllovejr even cover this game. LOL. But Janelle did cover the game where e drew against Nemo, so maybe Janelle will cover this game later on.

    P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See


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