Nearly Flawless is the Best Kind of Flawless || Rapport vs Gukesh (2023)

Fabi vs Izoria (Medo included) game here
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Rapport, Richard (2761) – Gukesh D (2629)
Global Chess League ( [7] 2023.06.28
C53 Giuoco Piano

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Nf6 5.d3 d6 6.O-O a5 7.Re1 h6 8.Nbd2 O-O 9.h3 a4 10.Nf1 Bd7 11.d4 Bb6 12.Ng3 Re8 13.Re2 Qb8 14.Be3 exd4 15.Bxd4 Nxd4 16.cxd4 Bc6 17.e5 Nd5 18.Re4 Qd8 19.Rg4 Kh8 20.Nf5 Bd7 21.Nxg7 Rg8 22.Qd2 Rxg7 23.Rxg7 Kxg7 24.Bxd5 c6 25.Bxf7 Qe7 26.e6 Bxe6 27.Bxe6 Qxe6 28.Qb4 Ra6 29.Re1 Qf6 30.d5 cxd5 31.Qg4+ Kf8 32.Qc8+ Bd8 33.Re6

00:00 Hello Everyone!

The Global Chess League is a 6-team double round-robin tournament taking place from June 22 to July 1, 2023 in Dubai, UAE.

Players receive 15 minutes for the entire game, plus a 10-second increment starting from move one. Wins with Black are worth 4 board points, wins with White 3, a draw 1. Official website:

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  1. Where is the dog Medo? I haven't seen him for so long time..

  2. was a subscribe when agad reached 100K soo happy to see him winning in life and still bringing amazing content

  3. We need Medo sleeping in the background!

  4. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    2nd: TIMESTAMPS PLEASE #SUGGESTION or why not let viewers make timestamps in comments then you can pin the best timestamp comment and copy the timestamps to the video description?

    magnus cheats anish in round 7 superbet blitz –> 3:22:36 in 8gw7XDq87C4 #suggestion

    Agad, what's your opinion of FIDE's use of the terms 'slow rapid' & 'fast rapid' please in WFRCC?

    It's a conspiracy against Wesley So.


    (0,10) is blitz.

    [10,60) is rapid.

    [60,120) is unrated classical.

    [120,infinity) is rated classical.

    So what's 'slow rapid'?

    Try to check out the maths here – they said both 32.5min & 60min are 'slow rapid'. Does this strike you as odd?

    I see only 2 possible definitions for slow & fast rapid.

    Def 1 – slow rapid means unrated classical [60,120) and fast rapid is rapid [10,60).

    –> this means Wesley So is not classical WFRCC but slow rapid WFRCC while Hikaru is fast rapid WFRCC.

    Def 2 – slow rapid & fast rapid cut up rapid [10,60) into resp [35,60) and [10,35).

    –> 2 issues here. 60min is not in either of these. Also, 32.5 is in [10,35). So neither 60 nor 32.5 are slow rapid. Lol. Wesley So is again classical WFRCC while Hikaru is (fast) rapid WFRCC.

    Def3 –> Since 15+2=17 is fast rapid, [10,X) is fast rapid & [X,120) is slow rapid for some 17 < X < 32.5. like say X is some arbitrary number like X=20 or X=30. Lol yeah right!!

    Other suggestions related to women in chess:

    A – Anna Cramling's dad beats Mikhail Tal. #suggestion

    B – Philippine women's chess #suggestion – WGM Janelle Frayna, the 1st and only Philippine WGM, upset Georgian GM (really GM not just WGM) Bela Khotenashvili at the 2022 world blitz.

    There's a 13-move UNDERPROMOTION puzzle here.

    [Variant "From Position"]

    [FEN "6k1/6b1/1p1P3p/6pP/3pPpP1/p2NqP2/6K1/5Q2"]

    1. Qd1 a2 2. Qb3+ Kf8 3. d7 Qe2+ 4. Nf2 Ke7 5. Qd5 Kd8 6. Qe6 Bf6 7. Qe8+ Kc7 8. Qc8+ Kd6 9. e5+ Qxe5 10. d8=R+ Bxd8 11. Qxd8+ Kc6 12. Qa8+ Kb5 13. Qxa2

    For some reason none of the Philippine channels except Kelvinllovejr even cover this game. LOL. But Janelle did cover the game where e drew against Nemo, so maybe Janelle will cover this game later on.

    2016 WCC – This is relevant to the 2023 WCC.

    Please agad cover the other decisive game of the Sergey Karjakin vs Magnus Carlsen 2016 WCC #suggestion

    What happened is that Magnus lost to Sergey AS WHITE in Game 8 but then compensated for a white loss with A WHITE WIN in Game 10. This is what happened to Liren Ding & Nepo for Games 2 & 4 of 2023 WCC.

    Why doesn't a drawn match go to the player w/ more black wins (if any) s.t. Sergey Karjakin not Magnus Carlsen is 2016 WCC & Ian Nepomniachtchi not Liren Ding is 2023 WCC?

    This has happened BEFORE!


    2022 Accentus Chess960

    Vincent Keymer and Nodirbek Abdusattorov both finished with 5.0/7 and tied first. However, as Keymer won more games with Black, he won the tournament on tiebreak.


    1980 – 1981 candidates tournament

    'When the quarterfinal between Portisch and Spassky was tied after 14 games, Portisch was declared the winner because he had won more games with Black.'

    Actually maybe cover the only 2 decisive games here if not already? #suggestion


    1983-1984 candidates tournament

    It wasn't repeated! The premise was the same! Hübner had more black wins than Smyslov before tiebreaks. After tiebreaks were tied, a ROULETTE determined Symslov won!!

    Actually maybe cover the only 2 decisive games here if not already? #suggestion






    P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See





  5. Richard Rapport's games are always entertaining.

  6. This is the most agadmator video title I have seen.

  7. In my games today I was awful. I was going by the anti-Lasker adage "If you see a bad move, look for a worse one."


  9. Anyone else notice how Antonio's face-freckle has swapped cheeks, from left to right? I think the matrix just side shifted me (again). PS – I just measured myself and I'm just as disappointed in this new reality as I was in the old.

  10. Rapport has such a swashbuckling style. Love his attacks.

  11. Gukesh is not in his best shape in this tournament 😢

  12. So y'all notice that agadmator gets a haircut whenever he skips a day to upload his video¿😜

  13. White's Strongest move in any position: B4🗿

  14. I believe Rapport, will be World Champion one day….. Peace

  15. #suggest

    Sparkassen Chess Trophy: game between fabiano and kollars .. how to draw in a loosing position!

  16. At 5.11 After Rook to E4 Knight to C3. sacrificing the Knight and Bishop for the Ruthless Rook? Great game though.

  17. Can anybody show the continuation after 10.08? I cannot see any forced check-mate.

  18. I finally see Rapport winning after a very long time

  19. Pawn e6 having already seen this Great Game I love Gukesh but Rapport really put it on him in this one People commenting they wanted to know what moves would be made had Gukesh not resigned I’m pretty sure Checkmate was imminent the Queen forced to move not able to protect the Bishop once the Bishop falls I’m sure it wouldn’t take Rapport many moves with his Rook and Queen to accomplish a Checkmate and his Knight still on Board

  20. "It comes with the "slight" improvement of Checkmate" 😄

  21. As usual was waiting for your explanation

  22. I'm a simple man. I see a Rapport game, I click. Guy's imagination is next level.

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