Never Bring a Dog to a Chess Match

Woman Grandmaster Dina Belenkaya continues challenging everyone at @CoffeeChess, this time she faced FIDE Master Mark the Duck, who had a little help from a canine friend who also seemed to be talented at chess.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Game

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  1. The duck didn't look in his best form, I hope he is feeling well?

  2. Damn dina you didnt had to do him like that 🤣 You can also see on ducks face at the end, how annoyed he was by your trash talk all game 😂

  3. What's Duck doing with the big coat. Is it cold out there?

  4. The duck ( not doc ) never mentioned that he beat Nemo 3 times….

  5. Who came through with that 🔥 caddy shack slam? 🤣🥊🥊

  6. BTTF is a perfect movie. (But only the 1st one..)

  7. Tough game those hagglers worried me bring body guard.

  8. guy has dog. dina dresses in a chessboard (and does her nails that way too sometimes). who will win?

  9. Today your country thought it could take down Ukraine lol wrong!!!!

  10. Well, Duck was unable to beat her. What is her record at Coffee Chess? 3-1. Hopefully that teenager Robert will have an opportunity to play her.

  11. Winston is the dog's name. He does all the trash talking for The Duck

  12. I hate all the talking and trash talking from people not playing. They need to shut up. And let’s Duck and Dina do the talking

  13. I always knew Dina at Coffee Chess would be like a tsunami. She didn't disappoint 😂😂😂

  14. Eww she really is vile, isn't she. Is that a russian thing, or is she just poorly engraced?

  15. when Mark loses, he throws the dog at the opponent. So Dine is lucky…

  16. Dina is so fun to watch, it changes my perspective about chess….. I thought chess was a boring game,, but the way it is played with trash talking : makes it more fun to watch,

  17. Only Dina can make beating dogs something we can all admire! ❤

  18. You know what they say, dogs KNOW the true nature of people 😅 jk jk

  19. Dina calling somebody a cheater…kinda funny to me…

  20. How do you even deal with all that hackling going on by the bystanders. Where do you get the fun dealing with them? 🙂

  21. "Did you get a free bowl of soup with it?"



  22. The dogs taught him everything . That's why he's Gm.😊😊

  23. I think the little poochie had the best trash talk ever. 😊🐕

  24. Darling. Listen? I don't need to listen. All I need is to see your beautiful face. Helena could not compete with your gorgeous face. She launched a thousand ships, you no doubt can launch a thousand airplanes.

  25. So bad, this girl. ….not interesting

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