PAINFUL 600 Elo Chess Match

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  1. And the king… runs… behind… the pawns… oh my gawd

  2. The fact that white went from mate in one to losing the game😂

  3. This was probably the best and funniest chess commentary Ive seen so far

  4. This is the best match I have ever seen, the amount of tension, twists and sheer insanity is just perfect. I'm glad I clicked on this video.

  5. In a world now flooded with serious chess, this is so much more interesting and fun. Like Tom and Jerry or Road Runner cartoons are to real life. Keep them coming and keep the humour up. Earned a subscription …

  6. I wish you did more videos like these, rather than things like drama and chess news.

  7. It’s funny cause that would be me and I didn’t even see the mates and guessed which moves would work, and you pointed out those ones to be the wrong moves. And then you explain and I’m like hah that player be playing funny and brainless. Wait that’s just me

  8. Levy asking how the king can survive on 16:34 . But, the chess speaks for itself.

  9. They missed a double check with a fork on the king . Hhhooo boy

  10. Actually better than any marvel movie I've seen in the last 10 years

  11. I honestly play exactly like white, and it works for some stupid reason

  12. This is like watching Day9's Funday Monday shows from Starcraft 2's early days 2010-11.

  13. 16:33 king just ran like a fucking linebacker dodging bullets like we're in a bad action movie. Gigachad plays over here.

  14. Why when I play 600 they don't play this bad like we play bad but never like this in my analysis of the games afterwards ever smh

  15. 12:19 I cried a lil inside after I saw that beautiful windmill he coulda done to get the queen, and bishop!

  16. Levy: YOU DONT DO 5 QUEEN MOVES IN THE FIRST 8 MOVES! Me: thinks of Englund opening

  17. I do not play like this. what in the world. I mainly play against my 1000-1300 rated friends though. win the odd game every now and then.

  18. ain't no way this is 600 elo, this should be at least 100

  19. Instead of thinking one move ahead these 600s are thinking 0 moves ahead

  20. I must say, this is in top 3 series of anything i watched on YouTube. Will be waiting for more of these blockbusters.

  21. You should see my 385 ELO best game 😀

  22. They know more than us. They think on a higher plane of existence that we don't understand.

  23. This is how Stockfish feels watching Magnus play

  24. I'm rated 400 and I probably would've played better than this

  25. i'm at 600 elo and i feel like i never see players this horrendous

  26. I don't even play Chess, I play AoE2, an arguably more complicated game. You should'nt be shitting on these BEASTS. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH

  27. this reminds me of the first game I pIay in the morning when I don't even know what my name is, and I just shuffIe pieces around randomIy 🤣

  28. These plot twists was just like some weird ass web series

  29. This oughta win some contest for cringiest thumbnail or sth. Like your vids though.

  30. The resignation at the end is the most infuriating part of this. You still have a near 50% chance of getting stalemated as white…

  31. he'll lose his shit if he watches one of my games ngl

  32. Oh man…i was hoping for stale mate. Just imagine what a masterpiece it could have been. Dont get me wrong, still the best game i have ever seen haha…

  33. Oh my god I started crying laughing when you went "Anything is mate! Literally anything!" and showed like 9 checkmates.

    I mean I'm just getting into chess, I'm bad, but this was incredible. Thank you for making me laugh so hard, I'm gonna bookmark this video for whenever I hang a piece and lose and get annoyed at myself.

  34. 7:45 he couldn't take the bishop anyways. It was covered by the queen.

  35. OK so I'm not going to say I'm good at chess albeit I play almost every day my elo rating bobs about between 1600-1800. The highest it's ever been my rating was measured was 1827 (I was walking on air). I thought the absolute bottom rating for someone who just knew the basic moves (and maybe didn't know that powns can only move two squares on their first move only, even). was 1000. How can you get 600 ratted player? It's also interesting I have about as much idea what's going on here as when watching your video off 3370 elo rated chess engines play. Gives me some idea what they're thinking watching me play.

  36. Probably Hikaru's perspective when watching you play hahah

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